Literature in Motion #1 DDLJ

Literature in Motion #1 DDLJ

Movies considered as Literature in Motion and keeping that concept in mind I am trying here to present that literature in a poem. Its an experiment and what better than all time favorite magnum opus Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaenge (DDLJ) to start this. I have tried to poetically display Raj & Simran's love story in hope that you will like it. 

A girl full of hopes & dream, a boy with fun & gleam
met in a Euro rail trip.
girl missed the train, boy do the same,
there life then flip.

Girl was on vacation but on her father's condition,
in India she has to marry in her father's relation.
Raj (boy) & Simran's (girl) love bloomed,
in journey but it never groomed.
they left each-other there love untold,
they left forever there love untold.

Raj realized and went to her to express,
however they went to India to avoid distress.
sad in her memory his charm gone,
his father encouraged 'get her come on'

In India they met, she told to elope
'I have come for love and love has scope'
befriended her fiance to attend her wedding,
has access to her home even fixes his own wedding.

He has the trust of her mother and sister,
but difficult to win her stubborn father.
spend time with him to be in his good book,
in love he trust not in 'hook and crook'.

One day there love is disclosed to her (Babuji)father,
threw him out,her fiance tried to kill Raj & his father,
Babuji intervene and send Raj to sit in train,
Simran cried inconsolably but all in vain.

Seeing love in his eyes and his conviction in strife,
he loosened his grip and told her 'go live your life'
Come Fall in Love since love always win.


  1. Wonderfully composed poem. Bravo!

  2. I love your concept of films into poetry and what better than DDLJ. The touch and lyrical image you lent to the story is outstanding. I want to see you expanding the poetry further to tap the DDLJ soul.

  3. Oh, I loved it. You made it fun😊


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