Our Constitution

Our Constitution

Celebrating one more Republic Day on my blog is a great feeling. The constitution is an oath which make us one as a nation without it we have no national identity. It guarantees equality,liberty, freedom, socialism and secularism to all the people of India. But these values are in danger today from some fringe elements which kicking them from their feet and sadly they are rising because of the apathy and indifference of our government bodies which are also created by constitution. This year my poem giving highlight of constitutional values and how they are under threat. Hope constitution always remain strong. Happy Republic Day. 

An adult girl is not allowed to marry her choice,
to choose her faith, to constitutional liberty rejoice,
scolded,threatened,supressed when she raise voice,
I am sure in multiple sessions, 
they not built that weak constitution.

Guardian of constitution when permit the screening,
terrorists of a community fearless threats giving,
governments bowing in support than protecting,
Equality and Liberty for the nation,
is what that gurantee our constitution.

Even after 70 years, caste disparity exits strong,
social mindset,political dwindling will giving it live long,
violence & killing earned when downtrodden sing victory song,
Annihilation of all type of caste separation,
is what promised our constitution.

Feeling of oneness and social security of minority,
is in danger from some enemies of humanity,
an animal's life valued more than a life's dignity,
Liberal,secular value's upgradation,
is what dear to our constitution. 
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  1. The constitution represents the protection of secular values, freedom and rule of law. Happy Republic Day.


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