Colors Of Life

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Colors Of Life

This poem describes stages of one's life with colors to which these stages signify. White for infancy, yellow for adolescence,red for youth,green for middle aged and black for old age.In this poem each line starts with the ending word of previous line.

A child is born,
born as pure as color white,
white of purity,white of light,
light which to god signifies.

Signifies energy & joy is color yellow,
yellow of happiness,yellow of youth,
youth without any burden,careless and free,
free to imagine,grow in whatever one wants to be.

Be lover,sings songs of love,
love fills the heart with color red,
red of aggression,red of passion, 
passion for dreams to conquer the world,
world that shapes our life.

Life is nature,nature is color green,
green of calm,green of hope,
hope of a stable life with your partner,
partner to settle have family and friends,
friends which remains till the end.

End comes near as one grew old,
old age which is dark as color black,
black of death,black of unknown,
unknown about the evil or good,
good to bid adieu when all duties done.

Done always good to have a colorful life.
Life of humanness in rainbow color thrive. 

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  1. beautifull .. loved the way you have colored every stage of life

  2. Looks like we have many wonderful poets around here....lovely one

  3. Life is a rainbow cifar. Beautifully written. Keep writing for BAT. Good luck!

    Someone is Special

  4. Why is black associated with death? It's a beautiful color

    Well written


  5. Beautifully written poem and very good take on the theme 'colour' in the poem. Good stuff.

  6. Thank you everyone for such colorful comments

  7. beautiful depiction of life and its association with colors..!!!

    All the best

    My entry for BAT: Yamini Meduri-Color..!!!

    1. thanks Yamini, I am glad that you liked it

  8. Brilliant composition, Cifar!
    That's a something new you've come up with this.....repeating the last word in next line.
    And that's a shade of your thought comparing life with different colors. :)

    All the best!

    1. I try to do something new always and my efforts are successful when readers like you like it.

  9. Very nice. I am reading a poem like this for the first time (last word of previous line the first word of the next).

    Very realistic stuff too.

    1. Kshitij Ji , thanks, its my privilege that my writing enhanced your reading experience.

  10. My comment disappeared. I liked your poem - it's the first of a kind I'm reading. Realistic too.

  11. The stages of life so skillfully adorned in different colors! Nice composition Cifar.
    All the best for BAT :)


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