Nonet - Death

Nonet - Death

A nonet is a nine line poem with degrading syllables from nine to one. I am attempting its first time thanks to write tribe.

Assemble memories of your life.
Repent the mistakes committed.
Time to say goodbye arrived.
Prayers will solace soul,
tears will wash all sins.
leave futile world.
rest in peace,
and mourn.


  1. Oh! that's a strong thought behind this beautifully penned nonet poem.

    My first nonet poem was on Birth. So, your poem could be the reverse nonet to it. Cool isn't it?

    Thanks for your attempt. Keep penning more nonet poems.

    1. thank you for boosting my confidence to write more Nonet poem

  2. That's tragic and sad but beautifully written. Death can be beautiful for ordinary mortals like us:)


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