Ishq Ne 'Ghalib' Nikamma Kar Diya !

इश्क़ ने  'ग़ालिब' निकम्मा कर दिया। Ishq Ne 'Ghalib' Nikamma Kar Diya. - Mirza Ghalib 

This is among the rare Ghalib ghazal based on Sufism or love to God. The last sher (couplet) is a well known one and recited by time and again by many of us but only few of us are aware of this ghazal to which this sher belongs. I also encountered this ghazal only few days back and then decided to post it with translation, I hope you will like my translation and it would help to understand you this ghazal better in which he has compared beloved to God. For better understanding of this gahazal read : Kyun Ishq Ne Nikamma Kar Diya

ग़ैर लें मेहफ़िल में बोस-ए-जाम के,
हम रहें यूँ तिश्ना-लब पैग़ाम के। 
Ghair lein mehfil mein bose-e-jaam ke,
Hum rahein yun tishna-lab paigham ke,

Others are kissing the wine in the gathering,
My lips are thirsty for the message in offering.

ख़स्तगी का तुमसे क्या शिक़वा किये,
हत्कंडे हैं चरखा-ए-नील-ए-फाम के। 
Khastagi ka tumse kya shikwa kiye,
Hatkande hain charkha-e-neel-e-faam ke.

All are the tactics of blue colored sky,
so why I complaint about my bodily suffering.

ख़त लिखेंगे गरचे मतलब कुछ न हो,
हम तो आशिक़ हैं तुम्हारे नाम के। 
Khat likhenge garche matlab kuvh na ho,
Hum to aashiq hain tumhare naam ke.

I will still write letter even though it means nothing,
since I am your lover, who in love of your name is falling.

रात पी ज़मज़म पे मय और सुबह दम,
धोये धब्बे जाम-ए-एहराम के। 
Raat pi Zamzam pe may aur subha dum,
Dhoye dhabbe jaam-e-ehraam ke.

Drank Zamzam* at night and in morning,
Washed stains from dress I was wearing.

दिल को आँखों ने फसाया क्या मगर,
ये भी हलके हैं तुम्हारे दाम के।
Dil ko aankho ne fasaya kya magar,
Ye bhi halke hain tumhare daam ke.

Heart was trapped by eyes but,
these circles(eyes) are also part of trapping.

शाह के हैं ग़ुस्ल-ऐ-सेहत को ख़बर,
देखिये कब दिन फिरे हैं हमाम के। 
Shah ke gusl-e-sehat ko khabar,
Dekhiye kab din phirein hain hamaam ke.

King knows about the health of bathroom,
Lets' see how soon place of bathing was changing.

इश्क़ ने 'ग़ालिब' निकम्मा कर दिया,
वरना हम भी आदमी थे काम के। 
Ishq ne 'Ghalib' nikamma kar diya,
Warna hum bhi aadmi the kaam ke.

Love has turned 'Ghalib' useless,
Otherwise I too was a man of helping. 

*Zamzam - a well in Mecca whose water is considered holy by Muslims.


  1. Touching words.
    Last lines are true at times.
    Love can change a person- either for the better or worse...

  2. It indeed was a fair translation pal. Ghalib's writings are always a pleasure to read. Thanks for sharing and including a translation.
    Also, I have just completed my 100th blog post and it would be great if you could manage some time and be a part of my celebrations.
    Have a good day.


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