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Letter of A Girl

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Letter of A Girl 

This is a letter by a girl going to be born in India. This India's daughter is asking for some explanations from God before her birth. Will she get her answer?

Dear God,

Your messenger came and told me to go there,
to India the country known for its heritage and culture rare.
But before coming to life on earth, 
before appearing in my human birth,
I want to ask some necessary questions,
and hope for your thorough explanation. 
The person you have selected to be my father,
is hoping for a son or is ready for a daughter?
lest he would try to kill me before birth,
and cancelled my only chance to see your earth.
I also need your assurance on wounds & bruise,
would I be safe from child sexual abuse,
See don't think that I am a bit crazy and rude,
My concerns are genuine since I have only one childhood.
As a teenager would my future be secure,
or would a one sided lover attack my face with an acid pure 
ruining my life for a moment's attraction,
You must build something for their distraction.
Raping a woman have become a task of pride,
I wouldn't want to be sweet in reach of flies' stride.
I just want to be sure for my future,
People there have become some different creature,
I am a creative person,you can see I talk in rhyme,
so don't want to be secluded as some one's wife in my prime.
If you are sending me, send me to the world of equality,
and not in the world of crimes,insult and cruelty. 
I have dreams to fulfill after my birth,
to be among people who understand my worth.
I am ready to be daughter,a sister, a lover,a wife and a mother,
but I don't want anybody to be the judge of my attitude and character. 
I think I have asked for so much, so direct ,
but I am a woman I would be happy with just some respect. 

Waiting for your reply.
Yours own creation,

A Girl. 

God don't answer everything some answers he has left for us to search. Can we guarantee her a safe life in this country? Its Women's Day today so try to find answers for her questions.

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  1. This is sad as most of it is true. Father wishes for a son and daughters are not safe. Hope things change for better.

  2. You've depicted the current scenario well. Let's hope things begin to change soon enough

  3. Hope the situation changes, and changes soon, Cifar. Simple and nicely put post.

  4. While there is even one voice fighting for change, there is hope. ATB for BAT! :-)

  5. The current predicaments of an Indian women in poetry. Well written.

  6. dilemma expressed wonderfully...loved the way they rhyme. Hope we get able to provide her answers. Wonderful.

  7. The plights of Female foeticide, Sexual abuse, Physical and emotional assaults and Rape, you've enclosed all the pathos evoking setting.
    A contrasting use of the topic.

  8. Cifar,

    Man, this is awesome. The way you weaved the thoughts of A Girl is very good. I wish the situation change, and India becomes a better and safer country for all of us. All the best for BAT!

    Someone is Special

  9. Oh! this was sad but bitter truth...

  10. I wish no girl would have to think twice before being India or anywhere else. Very well written!

  11. Very right questions.
    We all want equality and respect.
    Nicely written, Cifar.

  12. Truth well versed .

    ATB for BAT

  13. Hard sad truth penned perfectly in rhythm :)

    ATB for BAT :)

  14. We have a splendid culture and heritage...but it is locked in museum for the visitors to amuse.. It has nothing to do with Indians and their life.

    Would India every be safe and "behave" as our heritage and culture ask? You never know... there are too many fish dirtying the water..

    Good work. All the best for BATOM

  15. Wonderful blogpost @Cifar, Loved the way you have rhymed every single line that expresses a whole lot of pain ...
    Sad, but it has to be accepted :(
    India might be one of those countries where a girl child is denied even before she is born and once she's born she has to go through all evil disasters that taunt her child hood and teen, until she matures to become someone's bride :(
    How I really wish, God answers the unborn's prayer...

  16. A great post cifarshayar. All the best for BAT


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