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Lost In Her Eyes

Lost In Her Eyes

Her deep eyes made me giddy,
Lewd thoughts went away,
Needlessly I tried to go away,
But she showed no pity.

Ditched me with a mere glance,
I was lost in a trance,
With silence I missed the only chance,
A rendezvous ended without any romance.

This post is linked to Poetry Jam(eyes) and Three Word Wednesday #418 ( giddy,lewd,needless )


  1. eyes can really speak...well captivated

  2. Romance will have to wait for another day! There is time.....

  3. So sad when people are mesmerized and end up losing their own judgement and romance is not present.

  4. Ah those lost moments. One of those "if only" times. thanks for posting.

  5. Moments of magic enhance our lives, if only we knew what each glance means.

  6. Well penned, Cifar!

    Eyes can really do that magic.. and if it meant to be, romance will definitely follow :)

  7. Sometimes,the mystery is best held onto than the reality

  8. Eyes can draw one in and break a heart in a single glance. Well captured.

  9. Poor thing! But a guy will continue to make his moves. He is born that way! Great lines Cifar!


  10. Yes, Cifar, eyes can capture one's attention, promise all, but they can also reprimand, castigate and dismiss!

  11. Perhaps another time another place. In the words of a song - don't look too deep into those angel eyes!

  12. a whole soap opera, played out in the eyes...

  13. am sure the eyes had mesmerizing attraction :) beautiful words.

  14. Beautiful words in poetry, all swaying in rhythm.
    Cifar, we have nominated you for awards

  15. We can lose ourselves in the beauty of eyes ... well written :-)


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