Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua Banke Tamanna Meri.

लैब पे आती है दुआ बनके तमन्ना मेरी।(Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua Banke Tamanna Meri) -  To my lips become invocation comes this longing of mine. - Allama Mohammad Iqbal

This prayer is known as Bachche Ki Dua ( Child's Prayer) is written by Mohammad Iqbal. Although both the original prayer and the translation have no contribution from my side even though I have shared it because this prayer is sung in most of the Madarasas and some other schools in India. Many madarsas have modernized and teaches computers and other subjects in it. Maharashtra government's recent order to de-recognize them and consider those children is illiterate would only complicate the already delicate trust thread in the minorities. There is the need to modernize these madarsas and not to label them as terror factories. 

लैब पे आती है दुआ बान के तमन्ना मेरी,
जिंदगी शम्मा की सूरत हो ख़ुदाया मेरी।  
Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua Ban Ke Tamanna Meri,
Zindagi Shamma Ki Surat Ho Khudaya Meri.

To my lips become invocation comes this longing of mine,
Master, may like the candle be this life of mine's design.

दूर दुनिया का मेरे दम से अंधेरा हो जाए,
हर जगह मेरे चमकने से उजाला हो जाए। 
Door Dunya Ka Mere Dam Se Andhera Ho Jaye,
Har Jagah Mere Chamakne Se Ujala Ho Jaye .

Flung far from the world by my force may darkness ever be,
Every place by my shining made radiant bright to see.

हो मेरे दम से यूंही मेरे वतन की ज़ीनत,
जिस तरह फूल से होती है चमन की ज़ीनत। 
Ho Mere Dam Se Yunhi Mere Watan Ki Zeenat,
Jis Tarha Phool Se Hoti Hai Chaman Ki Zeenat.

May it be through my life that my nation gain elegance,
Like how the flower displays the garden's elegance.

जिंदगी हो मेरी परवाने की सूरत या रब,
इल्म की शम्मा से हो मुझ को मोहब्बत या रब!
Zindagi Ho Meri Parwane Ki Surat Ya Rab,
Ilm Ki Shamma Se Ho Mujh ko Mohabbat Ya Rab!

Let this life of mine be made like the moth, oh Master,
The light of knowledge may I ever love, oh Master!

हो मेरा काम गरीबों की हिमायत करना,
दर्दमन्दों से ज़ईफ़ों से मोहब्बत करना। 
Ho Mera Kaam Gharibon Ki Himayat Karna,
Dardmandon Se Zaifon Se Mohabbat Karna.

May my work be to deliver relief to the poor,
Those suffering, those weak, may I ever have love for.

मेरे अल्लाह बुराई से बचाना मुझको,
नेक जो राह हो, उसी रह पे चलाना मुझको। 
Mere Allah Burai Se Bachana Mujhko,
Naik Jo Rah Ho, Ussi Reh Pe Chalana Mujhko.

Oh my Allah! Save me from the evil I could meet,
The path that is righteous, along that path drive me.

Listen it in the voice of Siza Roy to feel the inner peace.


  1. How lovely! I was so touched to read this prayer and this post of yours.

  2. Soulful..!! To read the lines in Hindi is lovely but I understand the meaning through your translation. Its more beautiful.. I'm listening to the video now! Thanks for sharing, Shayar. :-) Inshaallah, the blessings of Ramadan brings us all the good tidings.

  3. Very nice prayer-includes everything.

  4. Profound words...Allama Mohammad Iqbal has written so many wonderful lines, a source of great inspirations for all of us... :-)

  5. Such a beautiful voice and saying about Iqbal is like showing light to sun. Thanks for sharing. I've downloaded it. :)

  6. A very beautiful way of conveying your message. And lovely words...

  7. Iqbaal sahab ka jawaab nahin hai...
    An absolutely wonderful Muqaddas Ramadan gift!
    Thank you Shayar:)

  8. a beautiful heartfelt prayer indeed :)


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