Shayari - 10 - Jigar Muradabadi

Shayari - 10 (Couplets of Jigar Muradabadi)

Jigar Muradabadi is a famous Indian Urdu poet. ( Ghazal and Shayari ). His writing is simple and effective. Here I have translated his two popular shers (couplets).

आ कि तुझ बिन इस तरह ऐ दोस्त घबराता हूँ मैं,
जैसे हर शय में किसी शय की कमी पाता हूँ मैं। 
Aa Ki Tujh Bin Is Tarah Ae Dost Ghabrata Hun Mein,
Jaise Har Shay Mein Kisi Shay Ki Kami Pata Hun Mein.

Come my friend as I am afraid without your coming,
In a way that I found everything lacking in everything. 


तेरी ख़ुशी से अगर ग़म में भी ख़ुशी न हुई, 
वो ज़िन्दगी तो मोहब्बत की ज़िन्दगी न हुई। 
Teri Khushi Se Agar Gham Mein Bhi Khushi Na Hui,
Wo Zindagi To Mohabbat Ki Zindagi Na Hui.

If I am not glad in sadness for your happiness,
That life is not the life of love, its worthless.



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