Aagaz To Hota Hai Anjam Nahin Hota

आगाज़ तो होता है अंजाम नहीं होता। (Aagaaz To Hota Hai Anjaam Nahin Hota) - Start Happens But The End Doesn't Come - Meena Kumari 

Most of us know Meena Kumari as Hindi film heroine who excelled in every character she portrayed on screen but she was also a poetess. The pain and turmoil in her which was often shown by the characters portrayed by her was mere half representation of her mental state, the real her can be discovered in her 'Shayari' and ' Ghazal'. She used to write under the pseudonym 'Naaz'. You can sense a feeling of longing in her work as if she was hoping to achieve something or someone. Today (1st August 2018) on the occasion of her 85th Birth Anniversary I am sharing one of her ghazal with translation done by me to celebrate the poetess in her. I hope you all will like it. Understand it better here : Aagaaz To Hota Hai Anjaam Nahin Hota

आग़ाज़ तो होता है अंजाम नहीं होता,
जब मेरी कहानी में वो नाम नहीं होता। 
Aaghaaz To Hota Hai Anjaam Nahin Hota,
Jab Meri Kahani Mein Wo Naam Nahin Hota.

Start happens but the end doesn't come,
when in my story don't appear that name. 

जब ज़ुल्फ़ की कालक में घुल जाए कोई राही, 
बदनाम सही लेकिन गुमनाम नहीं होता। 
Jab Zulf Ki Kalak Mein Ghul Jaaye Koi Rahi,
Badnaam Sahi Lekin Gumnaam Nahin Hota.

When a traveller dissolve in blackness of hair,
he can be defamed but his name not lost here & there.

हँस-हँस के जवाँ दिल के हम क्यूँ न चुनें टुकड़े, 
हर शख़्स की क़िस्मत में इनआ'म नहीं होता। 
Hans-Hans Ke Jawan Dil Ke Hum Kyun Na Chunein Tukde,
Har Shaks Ki Kismat Mein Inaam Nahin Hota.

Why do not we collect fragments of young heart laughingly,
every individual don't has reward in his/her destiny.

दिल तोड़ दिया उस ने ये कह के निगाहों से,
पत्थर से जो टकराए वो जाम नहीं होता। 
Dil Tod Diya Usne Ye Keh Ke Nigahon Se,
Patthar Se Jo Takraye Wo Jaam Nahin Hota.

He broke the heart from the eyes by saying that line,
one which crashes with stone is not the glass of wine.

दिन डूबे है या डूबी बारात लिए कश्ती,
साहिल पे मगर कोई कोहराम नहीं होता। 
Din Doobe Hain Ya Doobi Baraat Liye Kashti,
Sahil Pe Magar Koi Kohraam Nahin Hota.

Either day drown or the marriage procession with boat is drowned, 
no lamentation of any kind on the shore can be found 


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