We All Are One

We All Are One

We all are one. This thought needs to be glorified now than any other time in the history of India. Never ever in any circumstances 'Muslims' were told to Go To Pakistan. Never Christians were reminded that they follow a foreign religion and funded by them. Never Sikhs criticized for doing service to humanity because those they were serving belongs to a different religion. Never Hindus believed that 'They' are snatching opportunities from 'Them.' 

Such thoughts are disheartening and painful for a person like me who is grown up in a mix culture. So I decided to pen this poem and there is no better day to share it than on the occasion of Independence Day. Enjoy the poem. Happy Independence Day. 

Turban,tilak,locket of cross, skullcap,
between us they don't create any gap.
Difference exists in the thinking of few,
who restricts to become an India new.

In all the years of pain and glory,
we all are the part of the story.
None can achieve success on its own,
progress depends on seeds we all have sown.

In unity we grow,in division we fall,
mentality of 'Us vs Them' needs to stall.
Human,Indians,Individual we live in that order,
Our freedom has abolished backwardness' borders.

'Free we are' say it with proud,
removing hate inducing doubt.
Tricolor denotes all of us,
with differentiating our religion,color & class.


  1. Beautiful poetry on Unity, loved it.

  2. A beautiful poem for the occasion :)

  3. The Indian tricolor signifies our unity as a nation. In today's times of unrest, this poem serves as poetic justice that our unity shouldn't be traded.


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