Eid-ul-Zuha - Share and Care

Eid-ul-Zuha - Share and Care

This festival's actual motive is to recreate Abraham's act of readiness to sacrifice his own son for Allah's command. This not shows Allah promote killing but shows Abraham and his son's trust in God that HE will not do bad to them. That's what exactly happen his son was replaced by an animal and since then it become a tradition among Muslims to replicate the act. It is advised that sacrifice should be perform with cleanliness and with not pomp & show. The meat obtained should be divided in three parts out of which only one part is kept for self and other two are distributed among poor,needy and neighbors,friends respectively. I have written a poem to depict this message of the festival. Happy Eid-ul-Zuha. 

A tradition started,
not because sacrifice was the command,
submission and trust was the God's demand.

Festivity lies abated,
if the animal's meat eating is your celebration,
to share with poor and needy is the intention.

It is prohibited,
to display proudly the animal you have sacrificed,
calmly and ethically with friends to be rejoiced. 

Don't be addicted,
in boosting a pious act as if it was meant for killing,
but for Allah's gift of good deed, before him kneeling.


  1. Happy Eid Ul Adha. The significance of Eid offers an interesting tale that many of us are alien to and a pious act that teaches us a lot about humanity and values.

  2. Wish you all the joys and blessings of the festival. May everyone realise the importance of sharing and caring.


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