Laai Hayaat Aaye -By 'Zauq'

लाई हयात आये (Life Brought Me So I Came)- Zauq

लाई हयात आये,कज़ा ले चली चले,
अपनी ख़ुशी न आये न अपनी ख़ुशी चले।
Life brought me so I came,death take me away so I go,
Neither I came on my own nor with my will I go.

बेहतर तो है यही के न दुनिया से दिल लगे,
पर क्या करें जो काम न बे-दिल्लगी चले।
It's better to not get attached to the world so,
what to do when not showing raillery doesn't go.                                               

कम होंगे इस बिसात पर हम जैसे बद-क़िमार,
जो चाल हम चले सो निहायत बुरी चले।
There are very few gamblers as bad as I am,
Whatever move I made very bad I go.

हो उम्रे-खिज्र भी तो भी कहेंगे ब-वक्ते-मर्ग,
हम क्या रहे यहाँ अभी आये अभी चले।
Even being immortal,at the time-of-death I will say,
I am not their for too long,here I came,here I go.

दुनिया ने किसका राहे-फ़ना में दिया है साथ,
तुम भी चले चलो युहीं जब तक चली चले।
Who has accompanied the one going to leave the world,
You too keep moving as long as you can go.

नाज़ां न हो ख़िरद पे जो होना है वही हो,
दानिश तेरी न कुछ मेरी दनिश्वरी चले।
Things will happen,don't boost your brains,
Neither yours nor mine intelligence will go.

जा की हवा-ए-शौक़ में है इस चमन से 'ज़ोक़',
अपनी बला से बादे-सबा अब कहीं चले।  
'Zauq' is enjoying breeze of love in this garden(heaven),
Who cares now where ever morning winds will go. 


  1. Oh My god, this one is a gem, I can read it hundred times.

  2. Thank you Meenakshi,such comments makes you pat your back.

  3. I find it all inspiring. Will copy and read it again and again. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you Sir for reading and appreciating it.

  5. Zauq sahib is one of the grandest of masters!
    Thank you for the beautiful translation, friend!

  6. Thank you AmitAag that you liked it

  7. This is so so beautiful. Thank you for sharing :)

  8. बहुत सुन्दर ......लिखते रहिये


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