Republic Day

गणतंत्र दिवस (Republic Day)

Today Republic Day in India is only another holiday,what we achieved on that day is totally forgotten. Oneness is one thing we got on this day,but our thoughts are still limited to our cast,region,religion,etc.and not to the whole country. Read the following poem and celebrate being in a united India.

था आज बना गणतंत्र महान,    A great republic was born today,
जब एक हुआ था हिंदुस्तान,     When India became one that day,
जनता के पास आई कमान,      Public got the command of nation,
लागू हुआ था संविधान।            Came into force the constitution.

बरसो तक थे जो दबे-सहमे,      Those who were suppressed for years,
सपने जिनके थे सिमटे-थमे,     Their dreams were filled with fears,
पंख उन्हें मिलजाने थे,              They were going to get feathers,
रोटी,कपड़ा,मकान आने थे।      Food,clothes,houses all together.

पर देखा सपना टूट गया,           But their dream gets shatter,
विधाता फिर से रूठ गया,          Hostile became the creator,
जनता ने धोका फिर खाया,       People get cheated again,
अब सब अपनों से गवाया।        Now lost to those who are their own.

वही भूक,गरीबी,भ्रष्टाचार,         Again hunger,poverty,corruption,
वही हर पल होते अत्याचार,     Atrocities,that occur every moment,
अब किस से आजादी पाएं,        From whom to get independence, 
कैसे ये गणतंत्र बचाएं।              How to remove republic's dependence.

हम एक हैं ये हुंकार भरें,            We are one, let's roar loud,
अब किसी से हम न डरें,             Not afraid of any paid crowd,
मिलकर जब हम आगे आएँगे,   When we will come together ahead, 
तब सिंघासन भी हिल जाएँगे।   The thrones will also get jiggled.


  1. very true to spirit and awesome in beauty. It's very difficult to bring out the essence in both the languages. You managed it with élan.

    A very happy republic day to you!

  2. Thank you Meenakshi,Happy Republic Day to you too


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