Tu Main,Main Tu Ho Gaya

तू मै,मै तू हो गया।(You Became I,I Became You)

"मन तू शुदम तू मन शुदी,
मन तन शुदम तू जान शुदी,
ताकस न गोयद बाद अज़ीन,
                        मन दिगारम तू दिगारी,"_ अमीर खुसरो 

These lines of Amir Khusrow which means"I have became you,and you me,I am the body ,you soul, so that no one can say hereafter, that you are someone and me someone else," inspired me to write this poem "Tu mein mein tu ho gaya," whose first four lines are translation of above lines.

तू मै ,मै तू हो गया,
मै जिस्म हूँ,तू रूह मेरी,
कहने को अब है क्या बचा,                                            
न तू मुझसे न मै तुझसे जुदा।
You became I, I became you,
You are soul, I am the body,
What else I would say,
We are not different,we are one.

मुझ पर हसी दुनिया सभी,
जो तुझमें मै इतना खो गया,
हस कर क्या मेरा छीना,
जब मैंने सब तुझको दिया।
तू मै ,मै तू हो गया।
Whole world laughed at me,
For being devoted to you,
What they got from there laugh,
When I have submitted all to you.
You became I, I became you.

कहतें हैं तू मर जाएगा,
यूँ ठोकरे जो खाएगा,
मेरे ज़ख्मों में है दर्द कहाँ,
जब मेरी दवा तू हो गया।
तू मै ,मै तू हो गया।
They say that I will die,
If roam like this,stumbling
My wounds feel no pain,
When you have became my cure.
You became I, I became you.


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