Since Gandhi Jayanti, Dussehra and Eid -ul- Adha are here. I have shared the magic associated with them.

Not a single bullet fired in retaliation,
Enemy's blood not shed in revolution,
Still rulers of world faced humiliation,
This is the magic of truth & non-violence's agitation,
This is the magic of Mahatma, father of the nation.

Blessed with the power and immortality ,
Ravana, the ruler of city of gold, having knowledge of best quality,
Unconquerable even by the force of god's equality,
Defeated by a young prince living in forest's difficulty,
This is the magic of Rama, the magic of righteousness and divinity.

Son and father both unquestioning his command,
Not even once succumbing to the Satan's demand,
Prepared for the sacrifice so grand,
Son exchanged with a lamb as Abraham extend his hand,
This is the magic of belief & mercy, the magic of Allah's wand.

This poem is linked to Poetry Jam (magic).  


  1. Non-violence and peacefulness can indeed bring magic to the world! I enjoyed your take on the prompt.

  2. If only everyone were as peaceful as Gandhi, this would be magic indeed!

  3. all these virtues acquiring on the path of peace, nonviolence, belief and mercy are divine and magical indeed...a wonderful take on the prompt...

  4. our Bapu was indeed magical! nicely penned :)

  5. I enjoyed these reminders of different cultures around the world. Thank you for sharing these and thank you too for visiting my blog.

  6. What a magical journey through some of my favorite figures!

  7. to live life as he lived would take a bit of letting go of many of the things that cause war and anger....but what a life it would be eh?

  8. If only everyone with a passionate belief and a cause fought with their kind of magic... What a better world we would have.

  9. Lovely examples of what lives on forever. Truly a magical poem.


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