Woolen Socks

Woolen Socks

Broken vase greeted mom when she returned home,
She yelled,"who did this?" She said, " I did this mom"
She kissed and hugged her, felt proud that she told the reality,
Reared her as single mother,delighted for her truth speaking ability.

Not like her mother who scolded her every time,
As if by breaking something she committed a crime,
She remembered how her mother beaten her in childhood,
For her lost woolen socks while playing by the woods,

She never spoke truth to her mother after that,
Distanced herself from her like a rat from a cat,
Hid everything, the broken trust,the broken heart,
The dance reject,the booze effect and the guy smart,

She determined to be like a friend with her daughter,
And not to create between them any such border,
her daughter never hides , never makes excuses,
A lifetime lesson learnt for getting woolen socks bruises 

This poem is linked to Poetry Jam (Broken) and The Mag 243 (picture prompt)


  1. The power of love and compassion shown in your words. Well done.

  2. how we handle those moments with our kids...when something breaks or goes wrong...will shape them....and us

  3. I like the line 'distancing herself like a rat from a cat'

  4. Rightly so Cifar! Good values are to be readily be made known to help mould good characters from young. Only then good principles are established. Great lines!


  5. Good take on the prompts. It is good when someone learns from a painful past rather than suffer from it and then inflict the hurt on others. But I think that for some people it is a hard thing to do.

  6. A very good take. Like the mother's emotion. Poignant.

  7. It is a wise mother who realizes that honesty is the most important thing, that a broken vase really is inconsequential to relationship....and that the relationship will live on LONG after the vase is forgotten!

  8. children should always be handled with care...a nice take on the prompt :)

  9. Such a powerful message in an otherwise simple story. It is amazing the power that a parent's attitude and reaction can have on a child. While I wasn't beaten as a child, I received my share of guilt trips for mistakes or for not being who I was "supposed" to be.

    Very well done, Cifar.

  10. It's a shame that she treated her daughter so terribly. I am glad the mother finally "got it."

  11. Good lesson learned from those lost woolen socks. A wise mother knows truth is the most important thing.

  12. Well narrated, parenting without compassion can scar a child for life

    Thanks for stopping by my blog

    Much love...

  13. what a unique take on both prompts! very enjoyable.

  14. Cifar,

    A poem with a moral included in your wonderful story..A lovely way to express the prompt..


  15. Abuse so often begets a legacy of more abuse. But, as your piece indicates - people can rise above it. And it is a beautiful thing when they do. Nice work, Cifar!

  16. I love when someone decides to break the chain.

  17. A hard lesson indeed....this is beautiful Cifar!

  18. Good write. Honesty carries its rewards, as it should be.


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