Shayari - 7

शायरी - 7 (Couplets) 

The two Shers (couplet ) which I have shared in this post are written by Daag Dehelvi. Both the couplets are summarizing the pain of separation and detachment from his beloved. I have translated these couplets for those who didn't understand Urdu/Hindi but if you understands the original language of this shayari then observe how beautifully he used words Jaan and Jaana in the first one and Bedard and Dard in the second.

 ले चला जान मेरी रूठ के जाना तेरा,
ऐसे आने से तो बेहतर था न आना तेरा।

Le chala jaan meri rooth ke jana tera,
Aise aane se to behtar tha na aana tera.

My life your exit in anger was taking away my life,
It was better to omit your coming then going in such strife.


रहा न दिल में वो बेदर्द और दर्द रहा,
मुक़ीम कौन हुआ है,मुक़ाम किसका था। 

Raha na dil mein wo bedard aur dard raha,
Mukeem kaun hua hai,Mukaam kiska tha.

Pain remained in heart and not that merciless,
See who has settled and whose destination it was.


  1. Awesome! i loved the second one a bit more though! thanks for sharing!

  2. Subhanallah! Loved them !:) thanks for sharing:)

  3. Wonderful! Love the word play in both of these. Good selection.

  4. Touching words, Cifar.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the meaning of these words...


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