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Haiku - Re-Fly

Haiku - Re-Fly freedom curbed by force,  bounce back on the oppressor, wings spread to re-fly.

Raat Yun Kehne Laga Mujhse Gagan Ka Chand

रात यों कहने लगा मुझसे गगन का चाँद। Raat Yun Kehne Laga Mujhse Gagan Ka Chand ( At Night Sky's Moon Thus Spoke To Me) - Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar ' Nature made man but with evolution of man, he started challenging nature. As he understood the natural wonders, he started exploiting them by conquering these things in an unplanned way and endangering nature with dreams of destruction. Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar ' in this poem with a conversation with moon telling about this human trait. Human evolving each day and the day is not far that man would be at a place of God. He is suspicious of this uncontrolled growth and has doubts on its impact on sustainability of humans. रात यों कहने लगा मुझसे गगन का चाँद, आदमी भी क्या अनोखा जीव है! उलझनें अपनी बनाकर आप ही फँसता, और फिर बेचैन हो जगता, न सोता है। Raat yun kehne laga mujhse gagan ka chaand Aadmi bhi kya anokha jeev hota hai Uljhane apni banakar aap hi fansta Aur fir bechain ho jagta, na sota

Stand Together

Stand Together Paris Attacks on 13th November 2015 gripped world again in fear of terrorism. While terrorists uses religious masks to spread violence and divide us apart to counter them we have a strong tool i.e. to stay together. I am standing in solidarity with France. Do You? Violence, terror, chaos, fear, searching for near and dear, explosions shattered city of love, fly high O! peace dove. Religions becoming masks for terror, which god did this severe error, blended faith and sanctity, leaving behind humanity. Time is tough, teary is weather, Hold yourselves and Stand Together.

Hold My Hand

This post has been published by me as a part of Blog-a-Ton 57 ; the fifty-seventh edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. In association with ​Madhu Vajpayee , the author of Seeking Redemption and Shades Publications , the publisher of Friendship- Bonds Beyond Time . Hold My Hand 'Hold my hand,' that's what everyone wants to hear from a loved one in time of trouble. This phrase implies to be together and when we are together we can overcome any problem. Togetherness when so important for an individual you can calculate its importance for a nation. The head of state in troubled time like what we are facing today if ensure trust and safety in those who are feeling insecure will make a great difference. He just need to extend his hand and say,' Hold My Hand.' Two innocents burned to death, A man died for a mob's wrath, How in joy this Diwali I spend, To them when none say,' Hold my hand!' Voice against

Kabhi Hum Unko Kabhi Apne Ghar Ko Dekhte Hain!

कभी हम उनको कभी अपने घर को देखते हैं ! Kabhi Hum Unko Kabhi Apne Ghar Ko Dekhte Hain. - Mirza Ghalib  Like many of Ghalib poetry this too is related to longing for love. Separation from beloved keep him waiting for her letters or any news from her but she is indifferent to his pathetic state. Here is a translation of this famous Ghalib ghazal second couplet of which is very common among the masses. For detailed interpretation of this poem : Woh Aaye Hamare Ghar Mein .  ये जो हम हिज्र में दिवार-ओ-दर को देखते हैं, कभी सबा को कभी नामाबर को देखते हैं। Ye Jo Hum Hijr Mein Diwar-O-Dar Ko Dekhte Hain, Kabhi Saba Ko Kabhi Namabar Ko Dekhte Hain. What I see on walls & doors in separation from my heart-bearer, sometimes I look for zephyr & sometimes for a letter-carrier. वो आए घर में हमारे ख़ुदा की कुदरत है, कभी हम उनको कभी अपने घर को देखते हैं। Wo Aaye Ghar Mein Hamare Khuda Ki Kudrat Hai, Kabhi Hum Unko Kabhi Apne Ghar Ko Dekhte Hain. It's god'