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Nayee Duniya, Nayee Ummeed, Naya Saal

नई दुनिया, नई उम्मीद, नया साल। (Nayee Duniya, Nayee Ummeed, Naya Saal) New World, New Hopes, New Year.  Every new year brings new hope for a better self and a better world. This year also going to end today and here I have penned an eight line bilingual poem for the occasion. Wishing everyone a great, healthy and prosperous year ahead. Happy New Year.  नई दुनिया, नई सुबह, नया पैग़ाम लिखेंगे, नए इस साल को नई उम्मीदों के नाम लिखेंगे।  Nayee Duniya, Nayee Subha, Naya Paighaam Likhenge, Naye Iss Saal Ko Nayee Ummeedon Ke Naam Likhenge. Lets Pray For Tomorrow, Lets Pray For A Better Future, Happily Together Where Can Live God's All Creature. बीते साल के  सारे दर्दों को मिटा देंगे, गलतियों से सबक लेकर नए इंसान बनेंगे।   Beete Saal Ke Sare Dardon Ko Mita Denge, Galtiyon Se Sabak Lekar Naye Insaan Banenge. Will Prevail Hope From Corner To Corner, Will Become A Better Listener & A Better Learner.

Messiah Arrive

Messiah Arrive  25th December marks the birthday of Jesus Christ the man who sacrificed his life for the betterment of humanity. He spread message of love, care, humanity & forgiveness throughout his lifetime which is evident in the fact that he forgave his killers also. We in this time of hatred, violence and anger must remember his teachings. Merry Christmas to all. It is that time of the year, atmosphere is dull and silent is weather, but the warmth of love & care conquer, when forgiver with love towards us stare. World is filled with hate, animosity has closed all gate, to love and togetherness drive, on this day Messiah Arrive.  #######

Shayari # 21

शायरी # 21 (Shayari # 21) Couplet साथ तेरे ही रुख़सत हो जाती, ज़िन्दगी तुझसी तो बेवफा नहीं।  - सिफ़र  Saath Tere Hi Ruksat Ho Jati, Zindagi Tijhsi To Bewafa Nahin. - Cifar To be departed together with you,  Life is not unfaithful like you.  #######

Aagah Apni Maut Se Koi Bashar Nahin

आगाह अपनी मौत से कोई बशर नहीं ! ( Aagah Apni Maut Se Koi Bashar Nahin) - No One Is Aware Of Their Own Death - Hairat Allahabadi My brother often quote the first sher of this ghazal from a long time. One day I found that it was part of a ghazal written by Hairat Allahabadi so I decided to translate it. In this ghazal the poet is showing his dare devilry by raising points like he don't fear death, he not fearful of others and things like that. He is showing his power to love without any fear. I hope you will like this translation.  आगाह अपनी मौत से कोई बशर नहीं, सामान सौ बरस का है पल की ख़बर नहीं।  Aagah Apni Maut Se Koi Bashar Nahin, Saman Sau Baras Ka Pal Ki Khabar Nahin. No one is aware of their own death, things are hundred years old, no news of the moment's strength. आ जाएँ रोब-ए-ग़ैर में हम वो बशर नहीं, कुछ आप की तरह हमें लोगों का डर नहीं।  Aa Jaen Rob-ae-Ghair Mein Hum Wo Bashar Nahin, Kuch Aap Ki Tarah Hamein Logon Ka Dar Nahin.

Zindagi Be-Saaeban, Be-Ghar Kahin Aisi Na Thi

ज़िन्दगी बे-साएबाँ बे-घर कहीं ऐसी न थी। (Zindagi Be-Saaeban Be-Ghar Kahin Aisi Na Thi) - Nowhere Life Was Roofless,Homeless Like That - Parveen Shakir Parveen Shakir was a prominent women Urdu ghazal writer ( shayara ). Her ghazals and shayari are from women's point of few and talks about love, lover, feminism, betrayal, romanticism ,etc from the point of view of girl/women. I read this love ghazal of her after encountering a Sher from it and than decided to translate it. In this ghazal she talked about separation from her lover and the changes which it brings in her life. I hope you will like my translation. Read more on this ghazal : Here ज़िंदगी बे-साएबाँ बे-घर कहीं ऐसी न थी, आसमाँ ऐसा नहीं था और ज़मीं ऐसी न थी।  Zindagi Be-Saaeban Be-Ghar Kahin Aisi Na Thi, Aasman Aisa Nahin Tha Aur Zamin Aisi Na Thi. Nowhere life was roofless,homeless like that, Neither was sky nor was land like that. हम बिछड़ने से हुए गुमराह वर्ना इस से क़ब्ल, मेरा दामन तर न थ

Haiku : World Aids Day

Haiku : World Aids Day HIV is bad  not the sufferer of it End isolation