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Gulon Mein Rang Bhare

गुलों में रंग भरे ! (Let Flowers Filled With Colors!) - Faiz Ahmad Faiz Faiz Ahmad 'Faiz' was a revolutionary poet and often went to jail for his views. He wrote this ghazal(poem) while in the central jail of Hyderabad, Sind (Pakistan). The ghazal depicts his loneliness there and his wish to unite with the beloved. Here beloved signifies his movement against the authorities. As this ghazal also transport you into some serene valley , the parts of this ghazal are adapted by Gulzar for the upcoming movie Haider( release date is 2nd Oct.2014) which was based in Kashmir. गुलों में रंग भरे बाद-ए-नौबहार चले, चले भी आओ के गुलशन का कारोबार चले।  Gulon mein rang bhare, baad -e-naubahaar chale, Chale bhi aao ke gulshan ka karobaar chale. Let flowers filled with colors and early spring breeze blow on, Come so that daily affairs of the garden can go on . क़फ़स उदास है यारो सबा से कुछ तो कहो, कहीं तो बहर-ए-ख़ुदा आज ज़िक्र-ऐ-यार चले।  Qafas udaas hai yaron saba se k

Beyond Clouds

Beyond Clouds Is there a world beyond the clouds ? Beautiful,serene,with nature's grace,happy,satisfied,without hunger's trace or terrorized,violent, in fuss, poor,discontented,hungry like us. Fighting with each other on petty reason, surrounded by clouds of worry every season. Clouds of greed over our eyes is the root cause of our race's demise. Let's make a world on which each one of us can proud and not try to search another world beyond the cloud . Linking to Five Sentence Fiction ( Confusion)   and Poetry Jam (clouds)

Wheel of Life

Wheel of Life Failed in exam ,dejected, she decided to suicide, Confused. Ran towards deep sea with steps wide,  Determined. But wheel of life was on her side, a sailor called her for his boat's joy ride, Opportunity. Having weak eyesight , appointed her as his guide, Destiny and Hard-work. Became owner of ships,many sailors now her orders abide. Success. Linking to Magpie Tales: Mag 238  and Five Sentence Fiction( Wheels)

Bekhudi Le Gayee Kahan Humko

बेख़ुदी ले गई कहाँ हमको। ( Where senselessness took me?) - Mir Taqi Mir This Mir Taqi 'Mir' this ghazal is a tale of a loving heart which have lost in love completely. He now don't understand about self, his habits,etc. He is helpless at the hand of his hearts. I am translating this poem here in this post. बेख़ुदी ले गई कहाँ हम को, देर से इंतज़ार है अपना। Bekhudi le gayee kahan humko, Der se intezaar hai apna. Where senselessness took me, I am searching self for a long time. रोते फिरतें हैं सारी-सारी रात, अब यही रोज़गार है अपना।  Rote phirtein hain saari-saari raat, Ab yahi rozgaar hai apna. I roam all night crying, This is my only job now. दे के दिल हम जो हो गए मजबूर, इसमें क्या  इख्तियार  है अपना।   De ke dil hum jo ho gaye majboor, Ismein kya iqhtiyaar hai apna. I am helpless after giving my heart, What control I have in it. कुछ नहीं हम मिसाल-ऐ-अनका लेक, शहर-शहर इश्तहार है अपना।  Kuch nahin hum misal-e-anka le

See The Sea

See The Sea Just turn towards the sea,feel the cold breeze, you will remember me and your thoughts will seize, Our walk along the beach, the love you used to teach, Foot marks on the sand, which fade before we bend, Like moths around a light bulb, pain have surrounded you in bulk, For love with death they strife, for love I wish you new life, Smile when you see the sea, your tears are not dear to me, Forgive the tides which took me away, and come out from sorrows and dismay. So contented my soul will feel if from the sky I see you happy forgetting me as you see the sea. This post is linked to Poetry Jam ( The Sea) and Magpie Tales (moth picture)

Like A Pair of Jeans

Like A Pair of Jeans Your love made me rough, like a pair of jeans. Torn my heart apart, when you depart, leaving me in a corner like a pair of jeans. Everywhere I aided, my emotions you raided, now I am faded, like a pair of jeans. Rainbow colors sparked  as your smile embarked, now left with black and blue, like a pair of jeans. Changed my destiny such were your tyranny, having so many like me, like a pair of jeans. Collected my self, cleared all shelves, now trying many more, like a pair of jeans. Your love made me rough, like a pair of jeans. Linking this poem to Poetry Jam