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Shayari # 15

शायरी # 15 (Couplet)  खोए हुए हैं हम ज़माने से बेख़बर, खौफ़ क्या करें जब सब इश्क़ को किया नज़र।  - सिफर  Khoye Huen Hain Hum Zamane Se Bekhabar, Khauf Kya Karein Jab Sab Ishq Ko Kiya Nazar. - Cifar ####### Uninformed about the world lost in ourselves, What to fear when everything submitted to love 

Haiku : Republic Day

Haiku : Republic Day Republic Day is the celebration of our unity and integrity. This is the day a scattered nation came to be known as India giving each one of us a identity greater than our region,religion,caste and culture guided by the written principles i.e Constitution which came into force on this day. Happy Republic Day enjoy this set of Haiku on this occasion.  Combined traditions, respect for each in nation hail constitution. All split possessions, became the single nation hail constitution.

Maraz-e-Ishq - Ibrahim Zauq

मरज़-ए-इश्क़ ! Maraz-e-Ishq (Ailment of Love) - Ibrahim Zauq First post of this year starts with the translation of Mohammad Ibrahim Zauq' s ' Maraz-e-Ishq Jise Ho Use Kya Yaad Rahe' which means one's who is suffering from love's ailment remember's nothing. This feeling is expressed in this longest ghazal translated by me. Here he is saying that lover forget god in the love of beloved even though beloved don't care about his feelings. For him beloved becomes the god. I hope you will like this ' Ghazal '. For more on this ghazal visit : Maraz-e-Ishq Jise Ho Use Kya Yaad Rahe मरज़-ए-इश्क़ जिसे हो उसे क्या याद रहे, न दवा याद रहे और न दुआ याद रहे।  Marz-e-Ishq Jise Ho Use Kya Yaad Rahe, Na Dawa Yaad Rahe Aur Na Dua Yaad Rahe. Nothing remembered to the person suffering from love's ailment, Recollects neither the prayers nor the medicinal treatment. तुम जिसे याद करो फिर उसे क्या याद रहे, न ख़ुदाई की हो परवाह न ख़ुदा याद रहे।  Tu