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The Gone Year (2014)

The Gone Year (2014) 2014 has come to an end. Each year that passed leave some memories whether good or bad which makes it remarkable. This year saw rise of a common man ( Arvind Kejriwal ) and also his fall, people voted a man to power who was once charged for instigating riots ( Narender Modi ) for his charisma.Things like a cowardly act of terrorism ( Peshawar ), differentiation due to color leading to riots ( Ferguson ), spread of a deadly disease( Ebola ), disappearance of a plane ( MH370 ), death of a young cricketer ( Philip Hughes ) ,etc were sorrowful while the things like world standing as one against terrorism, everyone supporting a cause ( Ice bucket challenge ), first satellite on an asteroid, cheapest ride to mars ( Mars Orbiter Mission, India), Germany's Football world Cup win, etc were cheerful. This poem is walking down the memory lane to give some jovial and mournful moments and welcoming the new year with new zeal. Happy New Year to all. Like ev

He Is Coming To The Town

He Is Coming To The Town It is the jingle time of the year , the time to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ. The children of the world hope for Santa Claus to come to their houses on Christmas eve. Here is the poem of his coming in the town for jolly wishes. May the coming year brings happiness and peace to the world.Merry Christmas.  The fat man in red and white suit, with thoughtful bearded look and a smile very cute,  fervent to spread happiness among children ardent to bring togetherness and fun,  He is coming to the town. His brilliant reindeer dragging flying sleigh, working hard to deliver all gifts of glee, making birthday of Christ the redeemer special, traversing rivers,mountains,volcanoes in his journey incredible  He is coming to the town. Clean your chimneys, stitch your socks, sweets for good, for bad coal rocks, with accounts of deeds to show, jumping,dancing,singing, saying ho ho ho! He is coming to the town.

The Time Stopped

The Time Stopped Add caption Your glaring face in misty morning, made my heart beat pounding, when you called me,I was aghast  with mischievous look a smile you passed. that moment for you my life I booked, we lip locked and the time stopped, alive again, in another world I traversed  and the wind started flowing reversed, That moment was divine, when you were only mine. This post is linked to The Mag (250) and Three Word Wednesday #406 ( glaring,misty,alive )

Woh Karo Kyun, Jo Daro Yun

वो करो क्यों ,जो डरो यूँ ! This Hindi Poem is  a mockery of all those who fear the consequences and hide their faces after being caught for their unlawful acts. The fraud babas , the corrupt ministers, government babus , criminals and rapists all comes under this category. We hide ourselves from the world only when we know that what we have done is totally wrong and unjustified, the shame to face those who trusted us creates fear in us. वो करो क्यों, जो डरो यूँ , कि मुँह छुपा के जाते हो, आहट से भी घबराते हो। चेहरे पर चेहरा लगाकर, ख़ुद को भी बहकाते हो।  Woh karo kyon, jo daro yun, Ki muh chupa ke jaate ho, Aahat se bhi ghabrate ho. Chehre par chehra lagakar, Khud ko bhi behkate ho. शेर बने जो फ़िरते थे, ठोकर से भी न गिरते थे, इतनी ताकत के मालिक थे, कि आंधी से तुम न हिलते थे।  अब रेंग-रेंग कर जाते हो, फूंको से भी थर्राते हो, Sher bane jo phirte the, Thokar se bhi na girte the, Itni taakat ke maalik the, Ki aandhi se tum na hilte the,

Quiet Always

Quiet Always photo by Elene Usdin Drunk he came daily, hardly caring for family, I remained quiet , in hope he will come to light, that was extent of my trust. Lethargic in his duties, blunt in capabilities, I remained quiet , in hope he will never fight, that was extent of my love. A quarrel became violent, with my death it came to end, with open eyes, I remained quiet , in hope to see you again in my sight that was the extent of my wait. This poem is linked to Magpie Tales #249 ( photo), Poetry Jam ( Quiet ) , Three Word Wednesday #405 ( blunt, drunk , lethargic )

Kal Chaudhvi Ki Raat Thi

कल चौदहवी की रात थी! ( Yesterday it was the full moon night!) - Ibn-e-Insha Those who love Urdu Shayari must have heard or read the first sher of this ghazal. It is famous and have used in various movies also. I discovered today that this was written by the best humorist of Urdu language Ibn-e-Insha. I have posted complete ghazal along with its translation by me. It's in admiration of the poet's beloved and about his one sided love to her. He is comparing her face with that of the full moon on fourteenth day of the month and expressing his love in rest of the ghazal. You can understand it better here . कल चौदहवी की रात थी,शब भर रहा चर्चा तेरा, कुछ ने कहा यह चाँद है, कुछ ने कहा चेहरा तेरा।  Kal chaudhvi ki raat thi, shab bhar raha charcha tera, kuch ne kaha yeh chand hai, kuch ne kaha chehra tera. You were discussed on yesterday's full moon night, Some said, ' It is moon.' , Some said that it was your face. हम भी वहीँ मौजूद थे , हमसे भी

Yaar Julahe (Dear Weaver)

यार जुलाहे ! ( Dear Weaver - Gulzar )  I am inspired by Gulzar's 'Dear Weaver ' poem to write for this week's Poetry Jam (How to)  prompt and tried to write 'How to weave a relationship'. How to weave a relationship learn from a weaver a technique so clever  to keep knots and breaks invisible, by an effort and love invincible, If he ignored the knots and move forward, lumps increased and became stalwart  care and time makes a relationship  Original Gulzar's poem is below in Hindi and also a translated version by me in English, मुझको भी तरकीब सीखा कोई यार जुलाहे, अकसर तुझको देखा है कि ताना बुनते जब कोइ तागा टुट गया या खत्म हुआ फिर से बांध के और सिरा कोई जोड़ के उसमे आगे बुनने लगते हो तेरे इस ताने में लेकिन इक भी गांठ गिराह बुन्तर की देख नहीं सकता कोई, मैनें तो ईक बार बुना था एक ही रिश्ता लेकिन उसकी सारी गिराहे साफ नजर आती हैं मेरे यार जुलाहे ! Mujhko bhi tarkeeb sikha koi yaar julahe,


Identity What to seek next? When my identity is you. Life starts with  your name  and will end in you.  People wanders in sacred places, But in love, I found you .  This post is linked  to Poetry Jam (Identity).

Kuch Ishq Kiya, Kuch Kaam Kiya

कुछ इश्क़ किया,कुछ काम किया। - ( Did Some Love, Some Work ) - Faiz Ahmad Faiz This small ghazal by Faiz Ahmad Faiz is like summarizing an entire unfulfilled life where poet feels neither successful in love nor in business. It has some Sufi undertone to it, poet is considering himself as an unsuccessful human being who failed in worldly as well as godly  life and hence his life after death would also remain at unease like the life on earth. He remained empty handed. I have tried to translate it here :  वो लोग बहुत खुशकिस्मत थे, जो इश्क़ को काम समझते थे, या काम से आशिक़ी करते थे, हम जीते जी मसरूफ़ रहे, कुछ इश्क़ किया,कुछ काम किया।  Wo log bahut kushkismat the, Jo ishq ko kaam samajhte the, Ya kaam se aashiqi karte the, Hum jeete ji masroof rahe, Kuch Ishq Kiya , Kuch Kaam Kiya. काम इश्क़ के आड़े आता रहा, और इश्क़ से काम उलझता रहा, फिर आख़िर तंग आकर हमने, दोनों को अधूरा छोड़ दिया। न इश्क़ किया, न काम किया।  Kaam ishq ke aade aata raha, Aur ishq kaam se

Let Them Be Children

Let Them Be Children  14th November is celebrated as Children's Day in India, it is the birthday of India's first prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru  who was very fond of children. Children are free spirited and we must let them as they are and dream for themselves, Happy Children's Day Don't stop , don't interrupt  let their dreams fly, let them touch the sky, let them have fun,let them learn let them be children. Don't pressurize, don't criticize  let them choose their way, bookish knowledge do stay, but there are books beyond books, which change how we looks  and how things we churn, let them be children. Don't judge,don't grudge let their innocence prevail, let them come out of shell, let aim them high,let dream them high, because dreams make future turn  let them be children. This poem is linked to Poetry Jam  ( dream ) and Five Sentence Fiction  ( Flight) 


Pebbles  Be like a pebble on the shore, Smooth,shiny and firm. Better with each difficulty, Standing and facing reality, Calming waves with agility, Self carving own destiny. Be like a pebble on the shore, Smooth,shiny and firm. This poem is linked to Poetry Jam ( pebbles ).

Teri Mohabbat Hai

तेरी मोहब्बत है। (Teri Mohabbat Hai ) Love is strange and weird as we all know. Sometimes when we are in love we don't realize that the one we love treating us badly or not caring at all for our feelings and emotions but still our true and devoted love refused to let go and try to come out of such relationships. This ghazal describes the realization of this feeling and the helplessness of a lover.  ज़िन्दगी गर्द में मिली तेरी मोहब्बत है, मिट गयी ख़ुद ही ख़ुदी तेरी मोहब्बत है।  Zindagi gard mein mili teri mohabbat hai, Mit gayee khud hi khudi teri mohabbat hai. वजूद मेरा तेरी नज़र में है कुछ भी नहीं, मेरी नज़र बिछी रही तेरी मोहब्बत है।   Wajood mera teri nazar mein hai kuch bhi nahin, Meri nazar bichi rahi teri mohabbat hai. मेरे लफ़्ज़ों पर कभी तेरा तवक्कोह भी नहीं, हमनें किये इलज़ाम भी हैं हिफ़्ज़ तेरी मोहब्बत है।   Mere lafzon par kabhi tera tawakkoh bhi nahin, Humnein kiye ilzaam bhi hain hifz teri mohabbat hai. न माज़ी में मौजूद, मुस्तकबिल में

Woolen Socks

Woolen Socks Broken vase greeted mom when she returned home, She yelled," who did this? " She said, " I did this mom " She kissed and hugged her, felt proud that she told the reality, Reared her as single mother,delighted for her truth speaking ability. Not like her mother who scolded her every time, As if by breaking something she committed a crime, She remembered how her mother beaten her in childhood, For her lost woolen socks while playing by the woods, She never spoke truth to her mother after that, Distanced herself from her like a rat from a cat, Hid everything, the broken trust,the broken heart, The dance reject,the booze effect and the guy smart, She determined to be like a friend with her daughter, And not to create between them any such border, her daughter never hides , never makes excuses, A lifetime lesson learnt for getting woolen socks bruises  This poem is linked to Poetry Jam ( Broken ) and The Mag 243 (picture pro

Aaj Diwali Hai

आज दिवाली है। (Aaj Diwali Hai - Today Is Diwali.) The festival of Diwali is near. It is the biggest festival in India and is celebrated almost everywhere in the world where their is Indian population. We often forgets during festive celebrations about those who are deprived,sad or don't have circumstances of happiness. Every festival teaches us to share love,sweetness and happiness with everyone. This poem is reminder of the same. I wish everyone a happy prosperous and safe Diwali.  जोड़ो दिल से दिल के तार, आज दिवाली है।  करो खुशियों की बौछार आज दिवाली है।  Jodon dil se dil ke taar, aaj diwali hai. Karo khushiyon ki bauchaar aaj diwali hai. उन अंधियारे कमरो में, जहाँ ईश्वर भी नहीं जाता, मगर इंसान रहता है, उन उजियाली गलियों में, जहाँ ख़ास-ओ-आम है जाता और इंसान बिकता है, उन थक्यारी राहों में, जहाँ कोई माँ-बाप रोता है,बेटा नहीं आता है, उन बेदर्द झोपड़ों में, जहाँ कोई भी नहीं ख़ाता,भूका ही सोता है, करो रोशन इनके द्धार आज दिवाली है।  Un andhiyare kamr

Shayari - 7

शायरी - 7 (Couplets)  The two Shers (couplet ) which I have shared in this post are written by Daag Dehelvi . Both the couplets are summarizing the pain of separation and detachment from his beloved. I have translated these couplets for those who didn't understand Urdu/Hindi but if you understands the original language of this shayari then observe how beautifully he used words Jaan and Jaana in the first one and Bedard and Dard in the second.  ले चला जान मेरी रूठ के जाना तेरा, ऐसे आने से तो बेहतर था न आना तेरा। Le chala jaan meri rooth ke jana tera, Aise aane se to behtar tha na aana tera. My life your exit in anger was taking away my life, It was better to omit your coming then going in such strife. ############# रहा न दिल में वो बेदर्द और दर्द रहा, मुक़ीम कौन हुआ है,मुक़ाम किसका था।  Raha na dil mein wo bedard aur dard raha, Mukeem kaun hua hai,Mukaam kiska tha. Pain remained in heart and not that merciless, See who has

Torn Pages

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 49 ; the forty-ninth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton . Torn Pages Some torn pieces of paper (love letters) took him to the walk down memory lane as he remembered the good times with her. He also remembered that decree ( her marriage card ) which separated them for always. This poem is journey down memory lane while coming in contact of some torn pages. Found some torn pages that day, It appears that I got you. Among them were a few things you have written, they were your memories forgotten, My all emotions again flew, It appears that I got you. The house filled with pleasant smell, crazy mind went on chirping trail, When I started pasting pages, pain started stepping down in stages, when in heart, flowers grew It appears that I got you. Found some...................


Magic Since Gandhi Jayanti , Dussehra and Eid -ul- Adha are here. I have shared the magic associated with them. Not a single bullet fired in retaliation, Enemy's blood not shed in revolution, Still rulers of world faced humiliation, This is the magic of truth & non-violence's agitation, This is the magic of Mahatma, father of the nation. Blessed with the power and immortality , Ravana, the ruler of city of gold, having knowledge of best quality, Unconquerable even by the force of god's equality, Defeated by a young prince living in forest's difficulty, This is the magic of Rama, the magic of righteousness and divinity. Son and father both unquestioning his command, Not even once succumbing to the Satan's demand, Prepared for the sacrifice so grand, Son exchanged with a lamb as Abraham extend his hand, This is the magic of belief & mercy, the magic of Allah's wand. This poem is link

Gulon Mein Rang Bhare

गुलों में रंग भरे ! (Let Flowers Filled With Colors!) - Faiz Ahmad Faiz Faiz Ahmad 'Faiz' was a revolutionary poet and often went to jail for his views. He wrote this ghazal(poem) while in the central jail of Hyderabad, Sind (Pakistan). The ghazal depicts his loneliness there and his wish to unite with the beloved. Here beloved signifies his movement against the authorities. As this ghazal also transport you into some serene valley , the parts of this ghazal are adapted by Gulzar for the upcoming movie Haider( release date is 2nd Oct.2014) which was based in Kashmir. गुलों में रंग भरे बाद-ए-नौबहार चले, चले भी आओ के गुलशन का कारोबार चले।  Gulon mein rang bhare, baad -e-naubahaar chale, Chale bhi aao ke gulshan ka karobaar chale. Let flowers filled with colors and early spring breeze blow on, Come so that daily affairs of the garden can go on . क़फ़स उदास है यारो सबा से कुछ तो कहो, कहीं तो बहर-ए-ख़ुदा आज ज़िक्र-ऐ-यार चले।  Qafas udaas hai yaron saba se k

Beyond Clouds

Beyond Clouds Is there a world beyond the clouds ? Beautiful,serene,with nature's grace,happy,satisfied,without hunger's trace or terrorized,violent, in fuss, poor,discontented,hungry like us. Fighting with each other on petty reason, surrounded by clouds of worry every season. Clouds of greed over our eyes is the root cause of our race's demise. Let's make a world on which each one of us can proud and not try to search another world beyond the cloud . Linking to Five Sentence Fiction ( Confusion)   and Poetry Jam (clouds)

Wheel of Life

Wheel of Life Failed in exam ,dejected, she decided to suicide, Confused. Ran towards deep sea with steps wide,  Determined. But wheel of life was on her side, a sailor called her for his boat's joy ride, Opportunity. Having weak eyesight , appointed her as his guide, Destiny and Hard-work. Became owner of ships,many sailors now her orders abide. Success. Linking to Magpie Tales: Mag 238  and Five Sentence Fiction( Wheels)

Bekhudi Le Gayee Kahan Humko

बेख़ुदी ले गई कहाँ हमको। ( Where senselessness took me?) - Mir Taqi Mir This Mir Taqi 'Mir' this ghazal is a tale of a loving heart which have lost in love completely. He now don't understand about self, his habits,etc. He is helpless at the hand of his hearts. I am translating this poem here in this post. बेख़ुदी ले गई कहाँ हम को, देर से इंतज़ार है अपना। Bekhudi le gayee kahan humko, Der se intezaar hai apna. Where senselessness took me, I am searching self for a long time. रोते फिरतें हैं सारी-सारी रात, अब यही रोज़गार है अपना।  Rote phirtein hain saari-saari raat, Ab yahi rozgaar hai apna. I roam all night crying, This is my only job now. दे के दिल हम जो हो गए मजबूर, इसमें क्या  इख्तियार  है अपना।   De ke dil hum jo ho gaye majboor, Ismein kya iqhtiyaar hai apna. I am helpless after giving my heart, What control I have in it. कुछ नहीं हम मिसाल-ऐ-अनका लेक, शहर-शहर इश्तहार है अपना।  Kuch nahin hum misal-e-anka le

See The Sea

See The Sea Just turn towards the sea,feel the cold breeze, you will remember me and your thoughts will seize, Our walk along the beach, the love you used to teach, Foot marks on the sand, which fade before we bend, Like moths around a light bulb, pain have surrounded you in bulk, For love with death they strife, for love I wish you new life, Smile when you see the sea, your tears are not dear to me, Forgive the tides which took me away, and come out from sorrows and dismay. So contented my soul will feel if from the sky I see you happy forgetting me as you see the sea. This post is linked to Poetry Jam ( The Sea) and Magpie Tales (moth picture)

Like A Pair of Jeans

Like A Pair of Jeans Your love made me rough, like a pair of jeans. Torn my heart apart, when you depart, leaving me in a corner like a pair of jeans. Everywhere I aided, my emotions you raided, now I am faded, like a pair of jeans. Rainbow colors sparked  as your smile embarked, now left with black and blue, like a pair of jeans. Changed my destiny such were your tyranny, having so many like me, like a pair of jeans. Collected my self, cleared all shelves, now trying many more, like a pair of jeans. Your love made me rough, like a pair of jeans. Linking this poem to Poetry Jam

Waih Prem Hai !

वह प्रेम है ! (Waih Prem Hai ) - Makhanlal Chaturvedi I was searching and trying to remember this poem I have read in school in class VIII or IX as its first two lines always resonates in my mind and I know that these lines were said for love. Recently when I knew that it was written by eminent Hindi poet, Makhanlal Chaturvedi I found it. This poem regards love as a source of energy which exists everywhere and in all of us. In a way it is presenting love as god who gives us strength, consoles our souls and cures our pains. I have translate it to spread this universal message to more people. है कौन सा वह तत्व जो सारे भुवन में व्याप्त है ? ब्रह्मांड पूरा भी नहीं जिसके लिए पर्याप्त है ? है कौन सी वो शक्ति , क्यों जी! कौन सा वह भेद है ? बस ध्यान ही जिसका मिटाता आपका सब शोक है।  बिछड़े हुओं का हृदय कैसे एक रहता है अहो! वे कौन से आधार के बल कष्ट सहते हैं कहो ? क्या क्लेश ? कैसा दुःख ? सबको धैर्ये से वे सह रहे, है डूबने का भय न कुछ आनंद में वे बह रहे।  वह प्रेम


हमसफ़र ( Humsafar ) हम भी मुसाफ़िर हैं, तुम भी मुसाफ़िर हो, थोड़ा सफ़र कर लो अब हमसफ़र बनकर।  Hum bhi musafir hain, tum bhi musafir ho, Thoda safar karlo ab humsafar bankar. मेरी कहानी के जो बचे कुछ कोरे पन्नें हैं, उनपर आज तुम लिखदो एक कलम बनकर।   Meri kahani ke jo bache kuch kore panne hain, Unpar aaj tum likhdo ek kalam bankar. दिल के मेरे आंगन की है ज़मीं बंजर, उसे फ़िर हरा करदो तुम कोई कली बनकर।   Dil ke mere aangan ki hai zamin banjar, Use phir hara kardo tum koi kali bankar. तन्हां हूँ बरसों से आसमां की तरह में, अपनी रोशनी से भरदो तुम चांदनी बनकर।   Tanha hun barso se aasman ki tarah mein, Apni roshni se bhardo tum chandani bankar. खोई हुई राहों का भटका सा मैं राही हूँ, मंज़िल तक पहुंचा दो तुम मेरी डगर बनकर। Khoi hui rahon ka bhatka sa mein rahi hun, Manzil tak pahuncha do tum meri dagar bankar. सब कुछ पाकर भी मैं हूँ 'सिफ़र' अब तक, अनमोल मुझे कर दो मेरा जोड़ बनकर।  Sab kuch pakar bhi mein hun 'Sifar' ab tak,

Rahiye Ab Aisi Jagah - Mirza Ghalib

रहिये अब ऐसी जगह।  ( Stay At Such A Place ) - Mirza Ghalib 'Stay at such a place' is a three couplet Ghazal by Mirza Ghalib. It's a sad poem (ghazal) written while leaving his home due to non-payment of dues in his early days. He was feeling lonely,deserted and wants to go away from everything and everybody. He is expressing a tramp like feeling. The last sher ( couplet ) is added by me which is also conveying same feelings. I have tried to translate it here: रहिये अब ऐसी जगह चलकर जहाँ कोई न हो, हम-सुखन कोई न हो और हम-ज़ुबां कोई न हो।  Rahiye ab aisi jagah chalkar jahan koi na ho, Hum-sukhan koi na ho aur hum-zubaan koi na ho. Go and stay at such a place where there is no one else, Where no one knows our language and what we tells. बे-दर-ओ-दिवार सा एक घर बनाया चाहिए, कोई हमसाया न हो और पासबां कोई न हो।  Be-dar-o-diwaar sa ek ghar banaya chahiye, Koi humsaya na ho aur paasban koi na ho. A house should be built without doors and wa

Feel The Freedom

Feel The Freedom Happy Independence Day. On 15th August 1947 we got from Britishers again to be slave of many injustices, practices and dirty politics. We are free from any foreign rule but due to these obligations of   society,religion,culture,tradition,relations,etc we are unable to feel our freedom. On this 67th year of Independence let's Feel The Freedom with this bilingual poem. Feel the freedom, let's say मैं आज़ाद हूँ, सारी दिशाओं से, सबकी आशाओं से, I am free to say that I am in love, I should definitely get what I deserve, मैं आज़ाद हूँ, Yes I am free,free,free Independence from binding religion, Independence from worthless obligation, आज़ादी जाती-पाती के बंधन से , आज़ादी ऊँच-नीच की अनबन से, आज़ादी खुल्के न उड़ने से, आज़ादी बुराई से न लड़ने से, Feel the freedom from archaic notions, From old male superirity portion, From being alien in own country, From dominance of बाबू, मंत्री,संत्री।  मेरी मर्ज़ी में मेरा रहना,खाना हो, देश

Raw Threads

Raw Threads The raw threads of Raksha Bandhan a festival in India in which sister tie a decorated thread on brother's hand and wishes for his long life and brother in turn promises to protect her from every evil is a strong bond of love between a brother and a sister. It is not just a thread but lifetime moments they spend together which I have tried to present in this poem. Happy Raksha Bandhan to all brothers and sisters. Raw Threads Of Love,of care,of protection,of prayer, of snatching chocolates, of hiding secrets, of breaking piggy bank,of playing prank, of singing together, of fighting for whatever, of signing for father, of saving from mother, of helping in homework, for building a network, of sweet quarrels, of fake applauds, of unspoken understanding, of unconditional supporting, of calling a guy, of girl's spy, of sharing,of rearing, of bearing, of cheering, of lifetime company, of life's symphony.

Letter Of Apology

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 48 ; the forty-eighth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton . Letter Of Apology I am sorry my friend,I am sorry my friend, You cried in my presence, this is my end. Friendship I breached for finding some gain, By demanding love I gave you pain, childhood buddies,we are buddies for life, forgive me and end this strife. We make this bond, all others are by stars, only this remain true and all  may farce. We share grief,we share fun, for secrets we can't trust anyone. I am on my knees,folding my hands, give me apology and tie that friendship band. Where there is love, there are such tiffs, Don't enlarge such small miffs. She came to him hearing his plea of forgiveness. They hug each other forgetting their misunderstanding. To share,to love,to enjoy,to cry,t

Eid Wish

Eid Wish World is full of problems,hatred,violence,poverty,etc. In the time of celebration during festivals or other such occasion only selected few are fortunate enough to cherish them. In this holy month of Ramadan when Allah grant every valid wish. I pray for each and every one on earth through this poem. Raising my hands I only wish, Feast of eid everyone would relish, Happiness would fill each heart, All problems in world would vanish. The sweetness of sweets becomes such a treat, that unity prevail everywhere, Hatred from our lives would retreat. The crescent eid moon, would bring such a boon, None would sleep hungry, Poverty would remove soon, Once such a festival would come, which wouldn't for selected some, Each one would equally enjoy,  pray,share and together welcome.

Kisi Se Meri Manzil Ka Pata.

किसी से मेरी मंज़िल का पता। ( Kisi Se Meri Manzil Ka Pata) - Makhmoor Dehelvi Makhmoor Dehelvi is one of those Urdu poets whose work is not much known. If you search on internet there is not much information about him. The last sher ( couplet ) was often recited by my father, it was now that I know it was written by Makhmoor Dehelvi and it is part of this beautiful ghazal. This ghazal talks about the failure in love or not getting the love at all because he don't consider himself worthy of it. On the philosophical ground this ghazal holds the deeper meaning of it's connection with almighty God whose doorpost he didn't want to leave but was unable to ask him anything. I have tried to translate it to spread this shayar (poet) and his shayari ( couplet ) among the masses.  किसी से मेरी मंज़िल का पता पाया नहीं जाता, जहाँ मैं हूँ फरिश्तों से वहाँ आया नहीं जाता।  Kisi se meri manzil ka pata paya nahin jata, Jahan mein hun farishton se wahan aaya nahin jata.

Zindagi Lajawab Hoti Hai

ज़िन्दगी लाजवाब होती है। ( Zindagi Lajawab Hoti Hai.) यूँ तो ये दिन ये रातें ख़राब होती हैं, तू जब आ जाये तो ज़िन्दगी लाजवाब होती है।  Yun to ye din ye ratein kharab hoti hain, Tu jab aa jaye to zindagi lajawab hoti hai हर आवाज़ शोर-ओ-गुल सी लगती हैं, तेरी बोली बस कानो पर सवाब होती हैं।  Har aawaaz shor-o-gul si lagti hain, Teri boli bas kano par sawaab hoti hain. सुबह जो उतर जाए उस नशे का क्या मकसद, सर चढ़कर जो बोले आँखें तेरी वो शराब होती हैं। Subah jo utar jaaye us nashe ka kya maksad, Sar chadkar jo bole aankhein teri wo sharaab hoti hain.   बंजर ज़मीं को बारिश जैसे मिल जाए, तेरी सूरत दिल का वो करार होती है।  Banjar zamin ko barish jaise mil jaaye, Teri soorat dil ka wo karar hoti hai. यूँ तो ये दिन ये रातें ख़राब होती हैं, तू जब आ जाये तो ज़िन्दगी लाजवाब होती है।  Yun to ye din ye ratein kharab hoti hain, Tu jab aa jaye to zindagi lajawab hoti hai लाजवाब ( lajawab) = Wonderful;  शोर-ओ-गुल ( shor-o-gul) = Noise;    सवाब ( sawa

Haiku - Ramzaan

Haiku - Ramzaan It is said that one who follows the month of Ramadan properly becomes as pure and sinless as a new born child this haiku summarizes this month. Not just water/food, But abstaining bad-habits, Order of Ramzaan.