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Pray We all pray to our respective goods to ask something or to just repent for our mistakes. Does God exists because we err? Does God become our fear? If the answer is yes then there is no need to pray. Read this poem and ask your self a question. Are you from those who repeat mistakes and just say sorry to solace your heart. Like everyone I also pray, and ask for forgiveness, as I often goes astray, from path of charity and kindness. So to have the courage to stay, without any kind of selfishness. To make mistake is a habit, of every men and women, hurt others and to take credit of someone Else's deed with fun. In order to deceptively inherit, we forget that we are human. Every time we visit a religious place, weeps and hope for remission, by shedding tears and making grim face, raised hands in compulsion  of achieving heavenly solace and to have spiritual elation. Is it necessary to do a sin? and then hope for pity and repent. Re


Greed Which eats you from inside, If in you longer it reside, Which increases as you feed, It never ends,it's greed. It creates many differences, For you hate it enhances, It is an immortal breed, The permanent foe,it's greed. Dream big,aim high, But never ever sigh, For what you don't have, It's greed,it's never satisfy.

Holi Ka Parv

होली का पर्व। (Holi Ka Parv) The unique festival of holi celebrated all over the India marks the importance of colors in our life. It is these colors which makes our life vibrant and enjoyable. This festival hides in itself the winning of good over evil ( Holika died in fire in spite having fire proof body when planned to kill Prahalad) along with the mischievousness of Krishna. Here in this song I have tried to show each color of Holi. Happy Holi to all.  होली का पर्व अकेला है, जिसमें रंगो का मेला है, संग पिचकारी कि धार है, जिसमें खुशियां अपार है।  Holi ka parv akela hai, Jismein rango ka mela hai, Sang pichkari ki dhaar hai, Jismein khushiyan apaar hain. दुश्मनी का नहीं झमेला है, जिसमें यारी-दोस्ती कि बेला है, खट्टी शरारतों कि फ़ुहार है, जिसमें मीठी गुंजियां बेशुमार है।  Dushmani ka nahin jhamela hai, Jismein yaari-dosti ki bela hai, Khatti shararaton ki phuhaar hai, Jismein meethi gunjiyan beshumaar hain. बनता जब हर शख्स रंगीला है,

Jo Ab Bhi Nahin Aaoge

जो अब भी नहीं आओगे। (Jo Ab Bhi Nahin Aaoge ) This is a ghazal about longing in love where a lover is giving information to his beloved that he will soon leave this world for not getting attention from her. जो अब भी नहीं आओगे चला जाउंगा, पास अपने न बुलाओगे चला जाउंगा।  Jo ab bhi nahin aaoge chala jaunga, Paas apne na bulaoge chala jaunga. क़यामत तक भी इंतज़ार करालो लेकिन, जो पल भर को न बैठोगे चला जाउंगा।  Kayamat tak bhi intezaar karalo lekin, Jo pal bhar ko na baithoge chala jaunga. लोग क्या-क्या नहीं कहते मुझको, तुम कुछ भी न कहोगे मैं चला जाउंगा।  Log kya-kya nahin kehte mujhko, Tum kuch bhi na kahoge mein chala jaunga. नाम लिखा है तेरा हर एक लहू के कतरे से, उसपे पानी(आंसू) न बहाओगे चला जाउंगा।  Naam likha hai tera har ek lahu ke katre se, Uspe pani(aansu) na bahaoge chala jaunga. लड़खड़ाते हुए पहुंचा हूँ तेरी चौखट पर, हाथ अब भी न बढ़ाओगे चला जाउंगा।  Ladkhadate hue pahuncha hun teri chaukhat par, Haath ab bhi na badaoge chala j