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Haiku - Exam Time

Haiku - Exam Time Books become best friend tension extend, God please help, It is exam time.

Shayari - 4

शायरी - 4 ( Couplets ) With shayari as title I share famous shers ( couplets ) of famous poets or shers written by me. They are related to particular theme but today with its fourth edition after about four months I am presenting shers of notable Urdu poet Bashir Badr . These are his famous shers often quoted by artists,politicians,actors and other poets. उजाले अपनी यादों के हमारे साथ रहने दो, न जाने किस गली में ज़िन्दगी कि शाम हो जाए।  (Ujale apni yadon ke humare saath rehne do, Na Jaane kis gali mein zindagi ki shaam ho jaaye.) Let the light of your memories with me, Who knows in which street dusk of my life comes. ######## कुछ तो मजबूरियां रही होंगी, यूँही कोई बेवफ़ा नहीं होता।  (Kuch to majburiyan rahin hongi, Yuhin koi bewafa nahin hota.) There must be some compulsions, Simply no one becomes infidel. ######## वो भी बहुत अकेला है शायद मेरी तरह, उसको भी कोई चाहने वाला नहीं मिला।  (Wo bhi bahut akela hai shayad meri tarah, Usk

The Seven Stages Of Love

The Seven Stages Of Love(इश्क़ के सात मक़ाम) Arabic literature and sufi traditions describes seven stages of love and after the movie 'Dedh Ishqiya'  all of us also knew that these seven stages of love are दिलकशी (Attraction),उन्स (Attachment),मोहब्बत (Love),अक़ीदत (Trust/Reverence),इबादत (Worship),जूनून (Madness) and मौत (Death) . At this time of the year ( Valentine Week) when the   Love is in the air    I am sharing my couplets (शेर ) which are based on these seven stages of love written at different times. I hope you will like my effort and share anything related to these seven stages of love at the comment section of this post. The best couplet ( शेर ) will be posted with your name on my Facebook page ( Fans Of Poetry ). 1. दिलकशी (Attraction) : The first stage of love where eyes meet,spark is initiated and the journey of love begins. वो मेरी तरफ देख कर गुज़र गए, ना कुछ कहा ना बात की, ना रुक के मुलाकात की, डाल कर मुझपर बस एक नज़र गुज़र गए, वो

Aa Ke Meri Jaan Mein Karaar Nahin Hai

आ के मेरी जान में करार नहीं है।( Come That Repose In Life,I Don't Have ) - Mirza Ghalib  आ के मेरी जान में करार नहीं है, ताक़त-ऐ-बेदाद-ऐ-इंतज़ार नहीं है।  Come that repose in life, I don't have, Strength to bear the injustice of waiting,I don't have. देते हैं जन्नत हयात-ऐ-दहर के बदले, नशा बा_अंदाज़ा-ऐ-ख़ुमार नहीं है।  Heaven is given in return for the life of this world, Hangover according to intoxication,I don't have. गिरिया निकाले है तेरी बज़्म से मुझको, हाय! के रोने पे इख़तियार नहीं है।  Weeping takes me out of your gathering, Sorry! But control over my tears,I don't have. हम से अबस है गुमां-ऐ-रंजिश-ऐ-ख़ातिर, ख़ाक में उश्शक की ग़ुबार नहीं है।  Being indifferent,you are suspecting my grievances, In such cloud of dust,signs of lovers don't have. दिल से उठा लुत्फ़-ऐ-जलवा हाय मायनि, ग़ैर-ऐ-गुल आईना-ऐ-बहार नहीं है।  Meaning of pleasure has lifted from my heart, Other than blossoms,proof of spring in life I don&#