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Ab To Mazhab Koi Aisa Bhi Chalaya Jaaye

अब तो मज़हब कोई ऐसा भी चलाया जाए। (Ab To Mazhab Koi Aisa Bhi Chalaya Jaaye) My Blog has crossed 100 translations of about 50+ poets which I think is a great achievement for a blog which is continuously updating on Ghazals, Kavita , Poems and translation. In this journey I have touched almost every emotion and in covering translations of these poets I have understood their writing style better. The blog will complete 6 years this August 30 and currently it has about 365 posts. The poem I have translated here is of 'Gopaldas Neeraj ' who is famous because he was also a Hindi film lyricist who penned songs like Phoolon Ke Rang Se, O Meri Sharmilee, etc. He passed away on 19th July 2018 at the age of 94 years. His death reminded me of his literary work in both Hindi Kavita and Urdu Ghazal . I am sharing one of his famous ghazal here which fits best in the current scenario of the country.   अब तो मज़हब कोई ऐसा भी चलाया जाए,  जिस में इंसान को इंसान बनाया जाए। Ab

Na Muhn Chupa Ke Jiye Hum Na Sar Jhuka Ke Jiye

न मुहँ छुपा के जीए हम न सर झुका के जीए। (Na Muhn Chupa Ki Jiye Hum Na Sar Jhuka Ke Jiye) -  I am sharing here a ' Qita ' written by Sahir Ludhianvi which is recently used in Hindi movie 'Sanju '. A song inspired from it also penned by Sahir for the film ' Humraaz' (1967 ) staring Sunil Dutt in the lead role. Literal meaning of Qata is ‘separated’. Qata stands for a series of couplets in a ghazal having continuity of thought. A ghazal having one or more Qatas is called Qata-Band ghazal . Qatas also have independent existence comprising at least four lines. In a Qata , the second and fourth lines follow the same rhyming scheme. (Qita meaning from Rekhta ). Here I have tried to translate it.  न मुँह छुपा के जिए हम न सर झुका के जिए,  सितमगरों की नज़र से नज़र मिला के जिए, अब एक रात अगर कम जिए तो कम ही सही,  यही बहुत है कि हम मिशअलें जला के जिए।  Na Muhn Chupa Ke Jiye Hum Na Sar Jhuka Ke Jiye, Sitamgaron Ki Nazar Se Nazar M

Main Kyun Likhta Hun?

मैं क्यूँ लिखता हूँ ? (Mein Kyun Likhta Hun?) I often asked this question to myself that why I write when I don't have many readers?  Not only on blog but in real life also those who know I write stories/poem never complain when I don't write. When I keep things to myself ? When I pour untold emotions in my writing no one ever noticed but I have no regrets and I have some other reasons to write which I better keep to myself. Here just sharing questions which comes in my mind in form of a Hindi poem.   जब कोई पढ़ता नहीं, किसी बात का दुनिया पर असर पड़ता नहीं, किसी का दिल सिसकता नहीं, कोई भी कभी तड़पता नहीं, तो फिर मैं क्यूँ लिखता हूँ ? Jab Koi Padta Nahin, Kisi Baat Ka Duniya Par Asar Padta Nahin, Kisi Ka Dil Sisakta Nahin, Koi Bhi Kabhi Tadapta Nahin, To Phir Mein Kyun Likhta Hun? किसी को भी मेरी बात पर जब हसीं आती नहीं, कोई बात भी तो मेरी नई सोच जगती नहीं, चुपके से दिल धड़काती नहीं, कोई आग भड़काती नहीं, तो फिर मैं क्यूँ लिखता हूँ ? Kisi Ko