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Hum Charagon Ki Tarah Shaam Se Jal Jaate Hain

हम चरागों की तरह शाम से जल जाते है। (Hum Charagon Ki Tarah Shaam Se Jal Jaate Hain) - Like Lamps I Too From Evening Burns in Fire - Qateel Shifai This ghazal from Qateel Shifai is a love longing ghazal . The lover is burning in the flames of unfulfilled love which is eating him from the inside. This ghazal whose shair (couplet) are famous in popular culture is translated by me here. You can visit ' Hum Charagon Ki Tarah ' for better understanding of this ghazal.  गर्मी-ए-हसरत-ए-नाकाम से जल जाते हैं, हम चरागों की तरह शाम से जल जाते हैं।  Garmi-ae-Hasrat-ae-Nakaam Se Jal Jaate Hain, Hum Charagon Ki Tarah Shaam Se Jal Jaate Hain. I burn in the flames of unfulfilled desire, like lamps I too from evening burns in fire. शमा जिस आग में जलती है नुमाइश के लिए, हम उसी आग में गुमनाम से जल जाते हैं।  Shama Jis Aag Mein Jalti Hai Numaish Ke Liye, Hum Usi Aag Mein Gumnaam Se Jal Jaate Hain. In that fire in which a candle burns for exhibition, I burn in tha

Haiku - Demonetization

Haiku - Demonetization  These set of Haiku will give you a glimpse of the situation around. Although it is a good move but neither the banks nor the government were prepared for its smooth execution. ATMs not calibrated in advance, no working on farmers condition who need to sow new crops, markets are deserted in the peak marriage season, etc are some of the problems neglected by the government. This has again divided the country and the society as the followers of Modi ji and government again finding all those anti-national which are highlighting the shortcomings of the Demonetization issue.  Cashless in bank queues, nation halted suddenly haste has made us waste. ####### My hard earned money, turned to paper in a night craving for respite.  ####### Rich not in the line,  devised unique methods these  hoarders feeling fine  ####### This post is linked to IndiSpire Edition 144 What is your idea/reaction/experience about the

Shayari #14

शायरी #14 (Shayari #14) - Couplet मदहोशी का ये आलम यूँ ही तो नहीं है, तेरी नज़रें भी तो नज़रों पे मेरी ठहरी थीं।  Madhoshi Ka Ye Aalam Yun Hi To Nahin Hai, Teri Nazrein Bhi To Nazron Pe Meri Thehri Thi. There is a reason behind this intoxication, your eyes meeting mine in fascination.


This post has been published by me as a part of Blog-a-Ton 58 ; the fifty-eighth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. In association with ​Saravana Kumar Murugan , the editor of Shades Of Life book series . Refugee Refugee is a person forced to leave his/her country, home, area and the things he loved. Return of #BlogATon58 and #Aativas50 should have encouraged me to right something celebratory but when there is no hope for return nothing could be celebrated. Not only the world, our country and also social media platforms are full of people who forced others to leave because they didn't like their presence. This poem is written in solidarity with all refugees and I hope someday they will definitely return.   Fighter planes, tanks, guns, missiles, missing loved ones in debris piles, left the soil,left the home,left money under the sun, homeless,loveless, no place to return. Friends, neighbors, companion,acquaintances,

Ae Dil Wo Aashiqi Ke Fasane Kidhar Gaye

ऐ दिल वो आशिक़ी के फ़साने किधर गए। (Ae Dil Wo Aashiqi Ke Fasane Kidhar Gaye) - O! Heart Where Stories Of Love Has Gone - Akhtar Shirani  Akhtar Shirani is a famous romantic Urdu poet. His many ghazals are used as songs in Hindi movies and others have inspired lyrics writer to pen some beautiful songs. This is a ghazal in which he is describing the void of failing in love. He is questioning where those love stories, those beloved and lovers has gone. He said that everything appears deserted, every happiness is silent and everything seemed dull and boring to him. I have tried to translate it. Hope you will like it.  ऐ दिल वो आशिक़ी के फ़साने किधर गए, वो उम्र क्या हुई वो ज़माने किधर गए।  Ae Dil Wo Aashiqi Ke Fasane Kidhar Gaye, Wo Umr Kya Hui Wo Zamane Kidhar Gaye. O heart where stories of love has gone, What happened to that age, where that time has gone. वीरां हैं सहन-ओ-बाग़ बहारों को क्या हुआ, वो बुलबुले कहाँ वो तराने किधर गए।  Veeran Hain Sahn-o-Bagh