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Shayari #24 : Mother's Day

शायरी # 24 (Shayari # 24) Couplet # 24 : Mother's Day Happy Mother's Day to all on this occasion sharing Munawwar Rana' s shayari on 'Maa' (Mother) for which he is best known.  ऐ अँधेरे देख ले मुहं तेरा काला हो गया, माँ ने आँखें खोल दीं घर में उजाला हो गया।  - मुनव्वर राणा  Ae Andhere Dekh Le Muhn Tera Kala Ho Gaya, Maa Ne Aankhen Khol Di Ghar Mein Ujala Ho Gaya. - Munawwar Rana  ####### Just see the darkness a defeat in it arouse, Mother opens her eyes and light enters the house.

Jab Hua Irfan To Gham Aaram-e-Jaan Banta Gaya.

जब हुआ इरफ़ाँ तो ग़म आराम-ए-जां बनता गया। (Jab Hua Irfan To Gham Aaram-e-Jaan Ho Gaya) - Majrooh Sultanpuri  Majrooh Sultanpuri is famous Indian poet and lyricist. The she r (couplet) ' Mein Akela Hi Chala Tha......" from this ghazal is famous and prompted me to share the ghazal associated with it. In this ghazal the poet is talking about enlightenment and content which can be also seen as getting the love of his beloved which make him complete. I have translated this ghazal here and hope you all will like it.  जब हुआ इरफ़ाँ तो ग़म आराम-ए-जाँ बनता गया, सोज़-ए-जानाँ दिल में सोज़-ए-दीगराँ बनता गया।  Jab Hua Irfan To Gham Aaram-e-Jaan Banta Gaya, Soz-e-Jaana Dil Mein Soz-eDigra Banta Gaya.  Sorrow become the comfort of life when enlightened, over pain for beloved in heart pain for others heightened. रफ़्ता रफ़्ता मुंक़लिब होती गई रस्म-ए-चमन,  धीरे धीरे नग़्मा-ए-दिल भी फ़ुग़ाँ बनता गया।  Rafta-Rafta Munqalib Hoti Gayi Rasm-e-Chaman, Dheere-Dheere

Haiku : Labour Day

Haiku : Labour Day  Toil, tools and technique make us unique, respect-love, we want to achieve.  #######