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Iss Mitti Mein Mit Jana Hai

इस मिट्टी में मिट जाना है। (Iss Mitti Mein Mit Jana Hai) 'Iss Mitti Mein Mil Jana Hai' is voice of those Indians namely Muslims and Dalits who are treated as second class citizen nowadays. They are as much part of the nation building as any other citizen of India and didn't need any proof of their patriotism. Amid increase incidents of violence against Dalits & Muslims by Gau Rakshaks this Hindi Kavita authenticate their attachment with India. On this Independence Day we must cherish our unity and deny any force trying to fill hatred in us. Happy Independence Day.  इस मिट्टी में जीना है, इस मिट्टी में मिट जाना है, कोई चाहे या न चाहे मुझे तेरा साथ निभाना है।   Is Mitti Mein Jina Hai, Iss Mitti Mein Mar Jana Hai, Koi Chahe Ya Na Chahe Mujhe Tera Saath Nibhana Hai. एक नज़्म नहीं, एक रस्म नहीं,  एक वेश नहीं, एक भोजन नहीं, क्या मुझको सुनाना है, क्या मुझको खाना है, ये बताने वालों ने न अपना रिश्ता जाना है।  Ek Nazm Nahin, Ek Rasm Nahin, Ek Vesh Nahi

Sabse Achcha Dost

सबसे अच्छा दोस्त। (Sabse Achcha Dost) The bond between a sister and brother is the most beautiful and trusted bond in human life. Barring few bad examples this relation always remain true to each other. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan I am sharing a poem about this bond of love,care,trust and friendship. Happy Raksha Bandhan.  आपकी राहतों में जिसको मिले हर ख़ुशी, आपकी मदद की खातिर पीछे हटे जो न कभी, ऐसा सच्चा दोस्त, है वो सबसे अच्छा दोस्त।  Aapki Rahaton Mein Jisko Mile Har Khushi, Aapki Madad Ki Khatir Peeche Hate Jo Na Kabhi, Aisa Sachcha Dost, Hai Wo Sabse Achcha Dost. कच्चे धागों के बंधन में विश्वास की गाँठ लगाए, फिर भी अपनी तकलीफे है तुमसे छुपाये, पास हो या दूर अपने होना का एहसास जगाये, ऐसा सच्चा दोस्त, है वो सबसे अच्छा दोस्त।  Kachche Dhagon Ke Bandhan Mein Vishwas Ki Gadh Lagae, Phir Bhi Apni Taklifein Hain Tumse Chupaye, Paas Ho Ya Door Apne Hone Ka Aihsaas Karaye, Aisa Sachcha Dost, Hai Wo Sabse Achcha Dost. भाई-बहन का रिश्ता है

Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed This poem portrays how a true friend should be and includes the premier post (in this case Prime Minister Narendra Modi) as the most trusted friend. All friends' including him should not betray their friends by not extending help to those who are in fear & threatened. Friendship day is round the corner so I hope this related poem would be loved. Happy Friendship Day. Friend in need is a friend indeed, even if world not for their friendship heed, true friendship is the biggest deed, from anyone not any proof it need. Premier post is people's best friend, not any love he is trying to extend, for those whose life ended at mob's hand, for them he is an unforgettable friend. Friendship is the bond we made by our own, god's creation are all other relation, so a friend must not betray a true one, that pain is curable by none. This post is a part of   Write Over the Weekend , an initiative for  

Two Minute Medley #5

Two Minute Medley #5 Two Minute Medleys are short poems in Hindi & English for events around us. Anything which comes in mind instantly seeing or hearing things. गुपचुप-गुपचुप भेज दिए सब बचने को लाज, जनता है बेहाल बाढ़ से, वो छोड़ गए सब काज, सत्ताधारी के वारों ने वहां भी सताया, अजब-गजब है भैय्या राजतंत्र की माया।  ####### People now perform badly to garner tomato on stage, an ordinary item become precious, world is a cage. ####### Rivalry taking ugly turns often, resulting in pain,deaths & coffin. #######