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कब तेरा कहलाऊंगा ?

कब तेरा कहलाऊंगा ? ( Kab Tera Kehlaunga?) All Muslims and Christians are considered as foreign religions by some of the right wing Hindu groups and even after so many generations of followers of these religions they considered them as converts who required 'Ghar Wapasi '. So they force them to convert to Hinduism or to leave India. This make me ask this question in this poem on behalf of Muslims and Christians "When I will be called yours? " India is a land of diversity and being one in spite of so many disparities is our USP ,this is what makes India. In 26th January 1950 we adopted a constitution for the Union of India which binds us together as one nation. Treatment of alienation by fellow countrymen instill fear, insecurity and tensions in the minorities. The fights,riots,etc on such issues are hindrance in our growth. Let's ask this question today on the eve of our Republic Day what defines an Indian, some religious symbol or love for the count

Tang Aa Chuke Hain Kashmakash Ae Zindagi Se Hum

तंग आ चुके हैं कश्मकश-ए-ज़िन्दगी से हम। ( I am fed up with life's dilemma ) - Sahir Ludhianvi This Sahir Ludhianv i's Ghazal used in two Hindi movies Pyasa (1957) and Light House (1958) is tale of a person who is fed up from his life and wants to renounce this world. The person received only betrayal,alienation,distrust and disgust of the world rather than love, hope, compassion and sympathy. He in this ghazal also blames god for his condition for neglecting him and his state in life. I was looking for Sahir Ludhianvi's ghazals for translation from a long time and I chose this because it holds the touch of sufism and points out at futility of this life which unable to give any reason to stay in it. I have translated it here in this post. तंग आ चुके हैं कश्मकश-ए-ज़िन्दगी से हम, ठुकरा न दें जहाँ को कहीं बेदिली से हम।  Tang aa chuke hain kashmakash-e-zindagi se hum, Thukra na dein jahan ko kahin baidili se hum. I am fed up with life's difficulty, I m

Flowers of Wisdom

Flowers of Wisdom ( God versus Human) God's relation with human is unique. We asked him for help, for things and for his blessings and HE demands nothing. But again when we are in problem we blame him for everything. Is he really responsible for our sufferings or we have created these problems ourselves. These conversation between a human being and god tries to solve this mystery. Notice that even in this heated debate they are exchanging flowers of wisdom with each other.( each stanza resembles a flower) Human To God: We all repent, so you could relent, For our sins to minimize, we often apologize. But I don't understand your policy You never owe an apology. For thousands died in cloud bursts, For hundreds killed by land slides, For children dying in wars, For violence of at par, For poverty, hunger, rape, for...... God: wait,wait,wait. God To Human: Just think twice,before asking me to apologize. You come to me not for


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 50 ; the fiftieth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. In association with ​Soulmates: Love without ownership by Vinit K Bansal . To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton . Soulmates They say that couples are made in heaven. But they forget that they are united in this world only if circumstances favors them. True soulmates are either those who come victorious from the test of time or those who succumbs to it. This poem is a story of one such couple. "Your love makes my life complete In next life ,this cycle I want to repeat. It feels good....satisfying and great. that you are my soulmate. " Every time he read her these words, all his wounds were stirred. He always thought why that girl his wife with whom he promised to spend his life betrayed his trust and earned his disgust. "When I walked down memory lan