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Haiku : Drought

Haiku : Drought This set of Haiku to highlight drought conditions and indifference of authorities in India. Water is nowhere, without it they want to die, ground leveled for play. ##### Minister's survey, farmers ready for relief, ground leveled to land. 

Kaun Aaega Yahan Koi Na Aaya Hoga

कौन आएगा यहाँ कोई न आया होगा। (Kaun Aayega Yahan Koi Na Aaya Hoga) - Who Will Come,No One Would Come Here - Kaif Bhopali Kaif Bhopali is known for his song 'Chalo Dildar Chalo Chand Ke Paar Chalo ' in 1972 movie Pakeezah . 'Kaun Aaega Yahan Koi Na Aaya Hoga' is one of his famous ghazal . The poet has described the emptiness in his life, the loneliness he is experiencing which one of the couplet(3) suggest was due to marriage of his daughter. I have tried to translate it here for your understanding. For elaborate understanding of this ghazal visit : Kaif's Kaun Aaya Hai Yahan .  कौन आएगा यहाँ कोई न आया होगा, मेरा दरवाज़ा हवाओं ने हिलाया होगा।  Kaun Aaega Yahan Koi Na Aaya Hoga, Mera Darwaza Hawaon Ne Hilaya Hoga. Who will come,no one would come here, Winds would have shook the door here. दिल-ऐ-नादां न धड़क ऐ दिल-ऐ-नादां न धड़क, कोई ख़त ले के पड़ोसी के घर आया होगा।  Dil-E-Nadan Na Dhadak Ae Dil-E-Nadan Na Dhadak, Koi Khat Le Ke Padosi Ke


Accidents An innocent man, hundreds of ardent devotees, hard working labors & passerby, a woman biker and many who descend into wells for water; they all are connected through accidents. Delhi Mercedes road accident, Kollam Temple Fire, Kolkata Flyover Tragedy, Veenu Paaniwal accident and Marathwada water scarcity , these incidents have killed or injured many people in last two to three weeks. Through this poem I have tried to highlight the reasons behind these and many other incidents that happen in our country. When money and power overcome humanity, breaking rules of law become your only duty. What happens is an accident. An innocent mowed under car. When officials' warnings ignored with political backing, Place of God turned to place of joy and earning, What happens is an accident. A fire spreading near and far. When project delayed for lack of political will, safety compromised for increasing construction bill, What happens is an accident. O


Suicide Pratyusha Banerjee ' The Balika Vadhu ' girl committed suicide in her home on Sunday 3rd April 2016. It is not the first time that a person associated with glamour industry succumbed to life's pressure. Jia Khan, Nafisa Joseph, Silk Smita, Guru Dutt and many more preferred death over life. How and why someone decides to end his/her life? What instigate someone to leave this beautiful world? I don't have answers to these questions but some observations which I have shared in this Ten Liner. Rest in Peace Pratyusha Banerjee.  Big city attracts, binds you in its glitz & glamour, emptiness lurking inside from outside world's clamor. Making and Breaking relationships is part of the job, To take it seriously is like to self rob. Small age big successes is every body's dream, Sustaining it is churning life like milk for cream. When void becomes wide all ends seem apart, Instead of leaving situation you decided to depart. Suicide is