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Ye Marz Na Nazar Aata Hai

ये मर्ज़ न नज़र आता है। Ye Marz Na Nazar Aata Hai.  तुम नहीं होते तो ग़म भड़ जाता है, ये मर्ज़ ऐसा है जो न नज़र आता है।  Tum nahin hote to gham bhad jata hai, Yeh marz aisa hai jo na nazar aata hai. उन पुरानी राहों पर अब मैं भटक जाता हूँ , कोई रास्ता ही अलग न नज़र आता है।  Un purani rahon par ab mein bhatak jaata hun, Koi rasta hi alag na nazar aata hai. सर्द रातों में हवाएं,हूँ कंबल गर्मी में लिए, मौसमों का फ़र्क़ न समझ आता है।  Sard raton mein hawayein,hun kambal garmi mein liye, mausamon ka farq na samajh aata hai. ढूंढ़ता हूँ गयी कहाँ किस्मत से ख़ुशी, तकदीर के ये वर्क़ फटा नज़र आता है।  Dhoondta hun gayi kahan kismat se khushi, Takdeer ka ye waraq fata nazar aata hai. ऐ सिफ़र ! भूल जा अब न आएंगे वो कभी, इन दुआओं का असर क्यूँ न नज़र आता है।  Ae Cifar! Bhool ja ab na aayenge wo kabhi, In duaon ka asar kyun na nazar aata hai. Marz( मर्ज़ ) = Disease Waraq( वर्क़) = Page

Singhasan Khali Karo Ki Janata Aati Hai

सिंघासन ख़ाली करो कि जनता आती है। (Vacate the throne,for people are coming) : Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar' Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar' wrote this poem when India became a republic on 26th January 1956. This poem is about the power of the people. India's population was 33 crore at that time,they were all the witness of an era of slavery. It was the time when the meek people of the land would collectively rule this country. This idea is beautifully woven in this poem. He states that now people have the power to rule themselves.This poem was also used by J.P.Narayan to attract and encourage lakhs of people in Ramlila Maidan,Delhi during emergency. Here I have tried my hand in translating this poem. Happy Republic Day. सदियों की ठंढी-बुझी राख सुगबुगा उठी,               मिट्टी सोने का ताज पहन इठलाती है; दो राह,समय के रथ का घर्घर-नाद सुनो, सिंहासन खाली करो कि जनता आती है। Centuries' cold & extinguished fire has ignited, Wearing crown of gold,soil is

Haiku - Spring

Haiku - Spring Makar Sakranti, Lohri,Pongal,Bihu,they all marks the beginning of beautiful season of spring. A haiku for that. Flowers bloomed,trees groomed, Colorful kites covers sky, Spring has now arrived.

The Night After The Storm

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 45 ; the forty-fifth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton . The Night After The Storm. 'Communal Violence' is such a storm which unlike natural storm devastate not only humans but also humanity. A wave of cruelty comes which breach the trust among close neighbors of years. I have tried to depict the night after that storm in my poem here in this post. Burned houses,broken walls, Uncountable in wells falls, Tattered clothes,battered stalls, Rests with the night after the storm. Abort unborn,orphan infants, Raped girls,homeless tenants, Widows carrying child stagnant, Remains with the night after the storm. Lifeless bodies,food-less alive, Yearning babies,futile strive, Killers of humanity just thrive, Results with the night after the storm. False promises,pretense

Happy New Year

Happy New Year New year wishes in a form of a reverse Nonet which goes from one to nine syllables with line one to nine. Happy New Year. A, NEW YEAR, FULL OF JOY, NO ONE WILL CRY, HATRED REMAIN FAR, HAVE SUCCESS TO ENJOY, WHERE EQUAL ALL GIRL AND BOY, WHICH EVERY BEING CAN CHERISH, ANEW HOPES WILL PROSPER AND FLOURISH,