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Knot Of Introduction

Knot Of Introduction. With just a smile you have tied a knot of introduction. I was a lost being on my way, A flower ignored and astray, You accepted me and give a hope of regeneration, With just a smile you have tied a knot of introduction. I was without any emotions, A stone unturned away from motion, You pruned me and shaped for appreciation, With just a smile you have tied a knot of introduction. I was unaware of my self, A night hidden in oneself, You illuminated me,so I shine in satisfaction, With just a smile you have tied a knot of introduction. 

Har Ek Baat Pe Kehte Ho -Ghalib

हर एक बात पे कहते हो।(At Everything What I say)- Mirza Ghalib हर एक बात पे कहते हो तुम की तू क्या है, तुम्ही कहो ये अंदाज़-ऐ-गुफ़्तगू क्या है। At everything I say you say that who you are? Tell me what style of conversation is this? न शोले में ये करिश्मा न बर्क़ में ये अदा, कोई बताओ की वो शोख़-ऐ-तुन्दा खूं क्या है। Neither the flame has this miracle,nor the lightning this grace, Someone tell me what angry behavior is this? ये रश्क़ है की वो होता है हमसुखन तुमसे, वरना खौफ़-ऐ-बदामोज़ी-ऐ-अदू क्या है। My envy is that he converses with you, Otherwise what fear of misleading is this? चिपक रहा है बदन पर लहू से पैराहन, हमारी जेब को अब हाज़त-ऐ-रफ़ू क्या है। My cloths are sticking with my body with blood, Now,what need to darn the collar is this? जला है जिस्म जहाँ दिल भी जल गया होगा, कुरेदते हो जो अब राख़-ऐ-जुस्तुजू क्या है। Heart must have been burned where the body has burned, What desire of poking the ashes is this? रगों में दौड़ते फिरने के हम नही

Lo Din Bita Lo Raat Gayi - H.R.Bachchan

लो दिन बीता,लो रात गई।-Here went day,here went night - Harivansh Rai Bachchan सूरज ढल कर पश्चिम पहुंचा, डूबा,संध्या आई,छाई, सौ संध्या सी वह संध्या थी, क्यों उठते-उठते सोचा था, दिन में होगी कुछ बात नई, लो दिन बीता,लो रात गई। Sun descended and went to the west, sunsets,evening came and dominated, This evening was like hundred evenings, Why you thought,while waking up, that day will be a new start, Here went day,here went night. धीमे-धीमे तारे निकले, धीरे-धीरे नभ में फैले, सौ रजनी सी वह रजनी थी, क्यों संध्या को यह सोचा था, निशि में होगी कुछ बात नई, लो दिन बीता,लो रात गई। Gradually stars came out, Gradually they spread in the sky, This night was like hundred nights, Why you thought that in evening, that night will be a new onset, Here went day,here went night. चिड़िया चेह्की,कलियाँ महकी, पूरब से फिर सूरज निकला, जैसे होती थी सुबह हुई, क्यों सोते-सोते सोचा था, होगी प्रातः कुछ बात नई, लो दिन बीता,लो रात गई। Birds chirp

Lock Karo,Rock Karo

Lock Karo Rock Karo. "This is for you", she said, as I was amazed to see her head. "You wants to move your fingers in my hairs, and they remain entangled in groups or in pair", "they becomes straight and align well when wet, but as they dry gets haphazardly,randomly set." "Is this some sort of salon treatment?"I asked. She refused to reveal her secret and laughed. "Have you spent a huge sum of money on them?" was my question, She said that it was the effect of Sunsilk Co-Creation. Sunsilk Perfect Straight co created by Yuko Yamashita was her answer, by straight lock technology of its shampoo and conditioner. "You need not to worry now about my hair strands, will obey now what your finger from them commands". As I touched her silky smooth  hair a thought provokes in my brain, "Girls straight hair lock karo,rock karo " to relief from any tension or pain. With such hairs you can have any

The Woman On Platform Number Ten

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 38 ; the thirty-eighth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton . The theme for the month is "The Woman on Platform Number 10" The Woman On Platform Number Ten Still I remember the day when, I met the woman on platform number 10. Few years back,in the month of July, I was at station waiting for my train, Going to meet a client which on me rely, It was twenty passed ten,when rain began, The place was silent except sound of thunders, Draped in white salwar-kameez with red border, Came she grabbing attention of me and few vendors, A mesmerising wet beauty of top order, She came and sit beside me on bench, Smiled,greeted and asked my name, Sweet voice,her style in my heart made a love trench, Sure was I that she was feeling the same, First time I don't blame railw

Ibteda-e-ishq hai-Mir

इब्तेदा-ए-इश्क है रोता है क्या।(It's the Beginning of love,why do you cry!) -   Mir Taqi Mir इब्तेदा-ए-इश्क है रोता है क्या, आगे-आगे देखिये होता है क्या। It's the beginning of love,why do you cry, Further,see what happens next. काफ़िले में सुबह के एक शोर है, यानी ग़ाफिल हम चले सोता है क्या। It's a noise in caravan of the morning, That means's I go negligent,what you rest. सब्ज़ होती ही नहीं ये सर ज़मीं, तुख्म-ए-ख्वाहिश दिल में तू बोता है क्या। It's not possible to turn this land green, A desire in your heart,what you seed. ये निशाने इश्क हैं जाते नहीं, दाग छाती के अबस धोता है क्या। These are signs of love,they don't go, Simply stains on your chest,what you wash. ग़ैरत-ए-युसूफ है यह वक़्त-ए-अज़ीज़, मीर इसको रायगाँ खोता है क्या। In honor of Yusuf,this time is precious, 'Mir',to it in vain,what you waste. To have a better understanding of this Ghazal click here