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Laila - Majnu

लैला - मजनू ! (Laila - Majnu)  Love Wins in America after legalization of homosexual marriages. Now people who love each other irrespective of their gender can live together in social relation without any restriction in USA. But in India where even a girl and a boy's marriage faces obstructions if they are not from same caste, religion or status love doesn't always win. Here with an immortal love story of Laila and Majnu I am authenticating a point that love in spite of many obligations, objections and restrictions flourish and never ends with mere death but lives forever to inspire generations to come. वो पिट रहा था, हस रहा था सारा ज़माना, 'लैला मेरी ले आओ मैं हूँ उसका दीवाना !' 'ओ ! लैला! मेरी लैला! मैं हूँ तेरा दीवाना।' लैला के वजूद के आगे था उसने कुछ नहीं जाना।   Wo pit raha tha, hus raha tha sara zamana, 'Laila meri le aao mein hun uska diwana!' 'O! Laila! Meri Laila! Mein hun tera diwana. Laila ke wajood ke aage tha usn

Haiku : Ramzaan

Haiku : Ramzaan  Abide by the rules,  to refrain, restrict, retreat, from the bad habits. ###### A golden chance to,  wash your sins, grab His mercy, month of Ramadan

The Monsoon Pain

This post has been published by me as a part of Blog-a-Ton 55 ; the fifty-fifth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. In association with Rashmi Kumar , the author of Hooked, Lined and Single and Jyoti Arora , the author of Lemon Girl .   The Monsoon Pain Monsoon brings so much emotions one of these is sorrow. Those in pain saw rain as clouds shedding tears for them and partnering their pain to ease their sufferings. I have tried to bring out the grief of a victim of domestic violence in these rain drops or tear drops. ( Its your wish how you see them) I think  you are dear  to him as well, since when you have gone from here continuous is the rain spell  As rain water has submerged the  courtyard and the garden, I am too  drown in the pain of separation  Until you will not come back again, unbearable is this  pleasant rain. I sit and  see, the wind  blowing the leaves of  tree as you caressed my h

Tumhe Yaad Ho Ke Na Yaad Ho.

तुम्हे याद हो के न याद हो। (Tumhe Yaad Ho Ke Na Yaad Ho)  Whether You Remember It or not. -  Momin Khan Momin  Where there is love there is betrayal and separation. Here I have translated this Ghazal  ' Tumhe Yaad Ho Ke Na Yaad Ho ' which is about emotions of separation where a lover remembers every small thing of his beloved whether she remember them or not. Momin Khan Momin was a Mughal era Urdu poet and contemporary of Ghalib and Zauq . Ghalib once offered is complete Diwan ( collections of his Ghazals ) for below mentioned sher ( couplet ) of Momin.   तुम मेरे पास होते हो गोया, जब कोई दूसरा नहीं होता।   Tum mere paas hote goya, Jab koi dusra nahin hota When you are near (close to) me, then no one else is. Ghazal of Momin translated by me :    वो जो हम में तुम में क़रार था, तुम्हें याद हो के न याद हो,  वही यानी वादा निबाह का, तुम्हें याद हो के न याद हो।  Woh jo hum mein tum mein karaar tha tumhe yaad ho ke na yaad ho, Wahi yani w

Shayari - 9

शायरी - 9 (Couplet) - इश्क़ (Love) आशिक़ों का ये अजब फ़साना है, इश्क़ भी करना है, मगर छुपाना है।  - सिफ़र  Aashiqon ka ye ajab fasana hai, Ishq bhi karna hai, magar chupana hai. - Cifar How strange is the story of lovers, Loves each other but tries to cover (hide) - Cifar

Haiku : Environment

Haiku : Environment Save environment, reduce,recycle,reuse, get breath of relief.  ##### Save water, save trees, greenery is the key to, save environment.