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Intoxicated Wandered aimlessly confused, until your love I induced, Radical thoughts became seamless , true path of Nirvana now to my access. My pathetic state you accepted, a new space which have created, Where only you and me reside, even when whole world standing beside. Intoxicated by your charm I danced around, Outside, inside everywhere only You I found. This Ten Liner is linked to Magpie Tales #303 (picture prompt)   and Three Word Wednesday#464 ( radical, seamless,pathetic )

Ye Kaisa Gantantra ?

ये कैसा गणतंत्र ? (Ye Kaisa Gantantra?) Republic Day honors the date on which the Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950. The Constitution declares India a sovereign, socialist, secular,democratic republic, assuring its citizens of justice, equality, and liberty, and endeavors to promote fraternity among them. These pillars of our democratic republic always remain under threat because we the people of India give more value to caste,creed,religion,region,gender and status . Is this the republic our founding fathers imagined? Is this the republic for which we fought such a hard battle of freedom? Answers to these question is necessary for a Happy Republic Day. मुठ्ठी भर ही बाटें हैं मुठ्ठी-मुठ्ठी अनाज, इनके ही बनते हैं सारे बिगड़े काज, चले गए अंग्रेज़, चले है अब इनका राज, जनता के राज बिना ये कैसा गणतंत्र ? Mutthi Bhar Hi Batein Hain Muththi-Muththi Anaaj, Inke Hi Bante Hain Saare Bigde Kaaj, Chale Gaye Angrez,Chale Hai Ab Inka Raaj, Janta Ke Raaj B

Jivan Ki Gathri

 जीवन की गठरी। (Jivan Ki Gathri) Jivan Ki Gathri or Baggage/Weight of Life is a poem inspired by below image from  +OurJaipur.Com  's post Invisible Bag  . This image is about invisible bag of expectations we always carry with us. In my poem I have used this image to convey that the invisible bag of life we carry on our shoulders is nothing but our greed to earn more money making us part of the rat race. If we could sit and think we would able to live our life to its fullest. Hope you will enjoy this poem. Thanks once again to for inspiring me.    Image from जीवन की गठरी उठाए चला हूँ , ख़ुद को ही ख़ुद में छुपाए चला हूँ, दो पल को बैठूं सोचूं ज़रा सा, क्यों अदृशय भार से ख़ुद को दबाए चला हूँ।  Jivan Ki Gathri Uthai Chala Hun, Khud Ko Hi Khud Mein Chupai Chala Hun, Do Pal Ko Baithun Sochon Zara Sa, Kyun Adrishya Bhar Se Khud Ko Dabai Chala Hun.  एक के पीछे एक दौड़ लगी है, सब भागें है कोई मंज़िल नहीं है

Ghar Se Masjid Hai Bahut Door

घर से मस्जिद है बहुत दूर। Ghar Se Masjid Hai Bahut Door (Mosque Is Too Far From Home.) - Nida Fazli Most of us who are fond of shayari and ghazal must have heard the shair (couplet) ' Ghar Se Masjid Hai Bahut Door' but few are aware of this full ghazal of Nida Fazli related to this shair . I have translated it here in this post. This poem is written after the Bombay riots of 1992. He points out the agony, the emptiness and the inhumanity of that time. He said in the end that a child's happiness is important than praying to a god which can be interpreted as happiness of god is in the happiness of his creations. Have a look at interpretation of that poem : Interpreting Ghar Se Masjid Hai Bahut Door अपना ग़म ले के कहीं और न जाया जाए, घर में बिखरी हुई चीज़ों को सजाया जाए।  Apna Gham Le Ke Kahin Aur Na Jaaya Jaaye, Ghar Mein Bikhri Hue Cheezon Ko Sajaya Jaaye. With burden of your sorrows don't go anywhere, decorate your home with things scattered eve

Haiku - Neighbors

Haiku - Neighbors First help in distress, sometimes love & sometimes war, our close strange neighbors.