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Woolen Socks

Woolen Socks Broken vase greeted mom when she returned home, She yelled," who did this? " She said, " I did this mom " She kissed and hugged her, felt proud that she told the reality, Reared her as single mother,delighted for her truth speaking ability. Not like her mother who scolded her every time, As if by breaking something she committed a crime, She remembered how her mother beaten her in childhood, For her lost woolen socks while playing by the woods, She never spoke truth to her mother after that, Distanced herself from her like a rat from a cat, Hid everything, the broken trust,the broken heart, The dance reject,the booze effect and the guy smart, She determined to be like a friend with her daughter, And not to create between them any such border, her daughter never hides , never makes excuses, A lifetime lesson learnt for getting woolen socks bruises  This poem is linked to Poetry Jam ( Broken ) and The Mag 243 (picture pro

Aaj Diwali Hai

आज दिवाली है। (Aaj Diwali Hai - Today Is Diwali.) The festival of Diwali is near. It is the biggest festival in India and is celebrated almost everywhere in the world where their is Indian population. We often forgets during festive celebrations about those who are deprived,sad or don't have circumstances of happiness. Every festival teaches us to share love,sweetness and happiness with everyone. This poem is reminder of the same. I wish everyone a happy prosperous and safe Diwali.  जोड़ो दिल से दिल के तार, आज दिवाली है।  करो खुशियों की बौछार आज दिवाली है।  Jodon dil se dil ke taar, aaj diwali hai. Karo khushiyon ki bauchaar aaj diwali hai. उन अंधियारे कमरो में, जहाँ ईश्वर भी नहीं जाता, मगर इंसान रहता है, उन उजियाली गलियों में, जहाँ ख़ास-ओ-आम है जाता और इंसान बिकता है, उन थक्यारी राहों में, जहाँ कोई माँ-बाप रोता है,बेटा नहीं आता है, उन बेदर्द झोपड़ों में, जहाँ कोई भी नहीं ख़ाता,भूका ही सोता है, करो रोशन इनके द्धार आज दिवाली है।  Un andhiyare kamr

Shayari - 7

शायरी - 7 (Couplets)  The two Shers (couplet ) which I have shared in this post are written by Daag Dehelvi . Both the couplets are summarizing the pain of separation and detachment from his beloved. I have translated these couplets for those who didn't understand Urdu/Hindi but if you understands the original language of this shayari then observe how beautifully he used words Jaan and Jaana in the first one and Bedard and Dard in the second.  ले चला जान मेरी रूठ के जाना तेरा, ऐसे आने से तो बेहतर था न आना तेरा। Le chala jaan meri rooth ke jana tera, Aise aane se to behtar tha na aana tera. My life your exit in anger was taking away my life, It was better to omit your coming then going in such strife. ############# रहा न दिल में वो बेदर्द और दर्द रहा, मुक़ीम कौन हुआ है,मुक़ाम किसका था।  Raha na dil mein wo bedard aur dard raha, Mukeem kaun hua hai,Mukaam kiska tha. Pain remained in heart and not that merciless, See who has

Torn Pages

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 49 ; the forty-ninth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton . Torn Pages Some torn pieces of paper (love letters) took him to the walk down memory lane as he remembered the good times with her. He also remembered that decree ( her marriage card ) which separated them for always. This poem is journey down memory lane while coming in contact of some torn pages. Found some torn pages that day, It appears that I got you. Among them were a few things you have written, they were your memories forgotten, My all emotions again flew, It appears that I got you. The house filled with pleasant smell, crazy mind went on chirping trail, When I started pasting pages, pain started stepping down in stages, when in heart, flowers grew It appears that I got you. Found some...................


Magic Since Gandhi Jayanti , Dussehra and Eid -ul- Adha are here. I have shared the magic associated with them. Not a single bullet fired in retaliation, Enemy's blood not shed in revolution, Still rulers of world faced humiliation, This is the magic of truth & non-violence's agitation, This is the magic of Mahatma, father of the nation. Blessed with the power and immortality , Ravana, the ruler of city of gold, having knowledge of best quality, Unconquerable even by the force of god's equality, Defeated by a young prince living in forest's difficulty, This is the magic of Rama, the magic of righteousness and divinity. Son and father both unquestioning his command, Not even once succumbing to the Satan's demand, Prepared for the sacrifice so grand, Son exchanged with a lamb as Abraham extend his hand, This is the magic of belief & mercy, the magic of Allah's wand. This poem is link