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Shayari # 23 : Sukoon

शायरी # 23 : सुकून (Shayari # 23) Couplet :  तल्ख़ हयात की कहानी थी, तुम जो आये थोड़ा सुकून आया।  - सिफ़र  Talkh Hayat Ki Kahani Thi, Tum Jo Aaye Thoda Sukoon Aaya. - Cifar  ####### Story of life was bitter without you, you came and gave it rest to start anew. 

Ruke-Ruke Se Kadam

रुके-रुके से कदम। (Ruke-Ruke Se Kadam) - Halted Steps by Gulzar Ruke-Ruke Se Kadam written by Gulzar   also appears in the film Mausam 1975 sung by Lata Mangeshkar. The Ghazal describes the limitations one has in love and life. The poet says that he is walking by stopping in between but walked away because it gives satisfaction to beloved even though he himself is dissatisfied. Here I translated this ghazal .  रुके रुके से क़दम रुक के बार बार चले,  क़रार दे के तिरे दर से बे-क़रार चले।  Ruke Ruke Se Kadam Ruk Ke Baar Baar Chale, Karaar De Ke Tere Dar Se Be-karaar Chale. Halted steps, stopped and walked again, In agreement with you impatiently the walk regain उठाए फिरते थे एहसान जिस्म का जाँ पर,  चले जहाँ से तो ये पैरहन उतार चले।  Uthaye Firte The Ehsaan Jism Ka Jaan Par, Chale Jahan Se To Ye Pairahan Utaar Chale. Roam around by taking load of body on the life, removed that dress when walked away from life. न जाने कौन सी मिट्ट

Salute to Women

Salute to Women Women play many roles in her life and we men are always indebted to her for her contributions in our life. Not only in homes she is achiever in every field possible. This International Women's Day I am dedicating a bilingual poem to the creators of human race. Happy Women's Day. कर्मनिष्ठ, अन्नपूर्णा, कोमल, हैरतअंगेज़, जगत जननी, विश्व विजेता, विख्यात, सबसे तेज़।  Karmnishth, Annapurnam, Komal, Hairatangez, Jagat Janani, Vishwa Vijeta, Vikhyat, Sabse Tez. तू पल पल दुनिया का सवारे, सब तेरे सहारे, बिन तेरे हमारी नैया कौन लगाए किनारे।  Tu Pal Pal Duniya Ko Saware, Sab Tere Sahare, Bin Tere Hamari Naiyya Kaun Lagaye Kinare. Hardworking, food giver, soft and amazing, World mother, world champion, distinguished, blazing. You runs the world, nothing can be done without your support, without you men can't report. 

Festival of Colors - Holi

Festival of Colors - Holi Holi is the Indian festival of colors. Colors denotes respect,joy and compassion towards each other that's why people forget all their differences during this festival. Like each year I also have to offer something on this occasion, so here I am presenting a poem with the flavor of the season. Happy Holi to all. May the festival help us strengthen our relations with each other.  The festival of color has all the required notion, to spread the flavors of joy,of love and compassion. Hug each other and forget all differences & tension, for creating sweet memories this is perfect occasion. There are who even pollute this festival's loving tradition, ignore and stop them to play colors with passion. Life is tough, at each step offers various prohibition, live that day as celebration of god's favorite creation. #######