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The Gone Year (2014)

The Gone Year (2014) 2014 has come to an end. Each year that passed leave some memories whether good or bad which makes it remarkable. This year saw rise of a common man ( Arvind Kejriwal ) and also his fall, people voted a man to power who was once charged for instigating riots ( Narender Modi ) for his charisma.Things like a cowardly act of terrorism ( Peshawar ), differentiation due to color leading to riots ( Ferguson ), spread of a deadly disease( Ebola ), disappearance of a plane ( MH370 ), death of a young cricketer ( Philip Hughes ) ,etc were sorrowful while the things like world standing as one against terrorism, everyone supporting a cause ( Ice bucket challenge ), first satellite on an asteroid, cheapest ride to mars ( Mars Orbiter Mission, India), Germany's Football world Cup win, etc were cheerful. This poem is walking down the memory lane to give some jovial and mournful moments and welcoming the new year with new zeal. Happy New Year to all. Like ev

He Is Coming To The Town

He Is Coming To The Town It is the jingle time of the year , the time to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ. The children of the world hope for Santa Claus to come to their houses on Christmas eve. Here is the poem of his coming in the town for jolly wishes. May the coming year brings happiness and peace to the world.Merry Christmas.  The fat man in red and white suit, with thoughtful bearded look and a smile very cute,  fervent to spread happiness among children ardent to bring togetherness and fun,  He is coming to the town. His brilliant reindeer dragging flying sleigh, working hard to deliver all gifts of glee, making birthday of Christ the redeemer special, traversing rivers,mountains,volcanoes in his journey incredible  He is coming to the town. Clean your chimneys, stitch your socks, sweets for good, for bad coal rocks, with accounts of deeds to show, jumping,dancing,singing, saying ho ho ho! He is coming to the town.

The Time Stopped

The Time Stopped Add caption Your glaring face in misty morning, made my heart beat pounding, when you called me,I was aghast  with mischievous look a smile you passed. that moment for you my life I booked, we lip locked and the time stopped, alive again, in another world I traversed  and the wind started flowing reversed, That moment was divine, when you were only mine. This post is linked to The Mag (250) and Three Word Wednesday #406 ( glaring,misty,alive )

Woh Karo Kyun, Jo Daro Yun

वो करो क्यों ,जो डरो यूँ ! This Hindi Poem is  a mockery of all those who fear the consequences and hide their faces after being caught for their unlawful acts. The fraud babas , the corrupt ministers, government babus , criminals and rapists all comes under this category. We hide ourselves from the world only when we know that what we have done is totally wrong and unjustified, the shame to face those who trusted us creates fear in us. वो करो क्यों, जो डरो यूँ , कि मुँह छुपा के जाते हो, आहट से भी घबराते हो। चेहरे पर चेहरा लगाकर, ख़ुद को भी बहकाते हो।  Woh karo kyon, jo daro yun, Ki muh chupa ke jaate ho, Aahat se bhi ghabrate ho. Chehre par chehra lagakar, Khud ko bhi behkate ho. शेर बने जो फ़िरते थे, ठोकर से भी न गिरते थे, इतनी ताकत के मालिक थे, कि आंधी से तुम न हिलते थे।  अब रेंग-रेंग कर जाते हो, फूंको से भी थर्राते हो, Sher bane jo phirte the, Thokar se bhi na girte the, Itni taakat ke maalik the, Ki aandhi se tum na hilte the,

Quiet Always

Quiet Always photo by Elene Usdin Drunk he came daily, hardly caring for family, I remained quiet , in hope he will come to light, that was extent of my trust. Lethargic in his duties, blunt in capabilities, I remained quiet , in hope he will never fight, that was extent of my love. A quarrel became violent, with my death it came to end, with open eyes, I remained quiet , in hope to see you again in my sight that was the extent of my wait. This poem is linked to Magpie Tales #249 ( photo), Poetry Jam ( Quiet ) , Three Word Wednesday #405 ( blunt, drunk , lethargic )

Kal Chaudhvi Ki Raat Thi

कल चौदहवी की रात थी! ( Yesterday it was the full moon night!) - Ibn-e-Insha Those who love Urdu Shayari must have heard or read the first sher of this ghazal. It is famous and have used in various movies also. I discovered today that this was written by the best humorist of Urdu language Ibn-e-Insha. I have posted complete ghazal along with its translation by me. It's in admiration of the poet's beloved and about his one sided love to her. He is comparing her face with that of the full moon on fourteenth day of the month and expressing his love in rest of the ghazal. You can understand it better here . कल चौदहवी की रात थी,शब भर रहा चर्चा तेरा, कुछ ने कहा यह चाँद है, कुछ ने कहा चेहरा तेरा।  Kal chaudhvi ki raat thi, shab bhar raha charcha tera, kuch ne kaha yeh chand hai, kuch ne kaha chehra tera. You were discussed on yesterday's full moon night, Some said, ' It is moon.' , Some said that it was your face. हम भी वहीँ मौजूद थे , हमसे भी