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First They Came For

First They Came For - Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) Today I am sharing 'First They Came For ' - the statement of a German pastor Martin Neimoller which is often regarded as a poem. This has become the tool of stating cowardice of elite,influential and intellectual class. In last two-three years it is widely quoted in the Indian and world context also when people supported brutalities on marginalized like refugees, Muslims, minorities, etc. Here I have also shared my Hindi rendition of a poem inspired by this one. First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me. मैं चुप था ! ( Mein Chup Tha) वो घर गरीबों के जलाकर हंस रहे थे, मेरा घर बचा था, मैं चुप था। 

Shayari #17

शायरी #17 (Shayari #17) Couplet  मज़हब के साथ जब दिल भी बदल गए, इंसानियत के सारे मायने बदल गए।  - सिफ़र  Mazhab Ke Saath Jab Dil Bhi Badal Gaye, Insaniyat Ke Saare Mayne Badal Gaye. - Cifar When hearts changed with the religion, Meaning of humanity not remain human. 

Meri Keemat Revisited

Meri Keemat Revisited ( My Value) This is the first poem I shared on this blog on 30th August 2012. I don't know why by I felt sharing it today. Maybe because I have more readers now than I have on those days. It's a bilingual poem expressing feelings of poet who is feeling dejected as world didn't value him even when he was of the character set by society as the superior. Like today then also I didn't care what others think but its just expressions of a sad person. Experienced earned in the course of time has helped it made better.  मेरी कीमत अगर पूछो ज़माने के बाज़ारों में, तेरी क़दमों की खाक भी बिकेगी मुझसे बेहतर ही।   Meri Keemat Agar Pucho Zamane Ke Bazaron Mein, Teri Kadmon Ki Khaak Bhi Bikegi Mujhse Behtar Hi. If you ask my value in markets of the world, Dust of your foot better than me will be sold. भलाई, सच्चाई ,प्यार का कोई मोल क्या होगा, यह वोह दौलत है जो रख्खें हैं कुछ मुझसे ही।  Bhalai,Sachchai,Pyaar Ka Koi Mol Kya Hoga, Ye Wo D

Ab Ke Hum Bichdein To Shayad Kabhi Khwabon Mein Milen

अब के हम बिछडें तो शायद कभी ख्वाबों में मिलें। (Ab Ke Hum Bichdein To Shayad Kabhi Khwabon Mein Milein) - If We Parted Now, We Perhaps Meet in Dreams. - Ahmad Faraz Ahmad Faraz like Faiz Ahmad Faiz is known for his revolutionary and romantic Ghazals. In this one he talks of separation from beloved which will be like separating from life like those flowers in the book became dead after separating from the plant. He further continues in this theme. It is a sad poetry of separation also signifies love from which if separated will be like separating from life. Details about this poem can be read there : What Says : Ab Ke Hum Bichdein अब के हम बिछड़े तो शायद कभी ख़्वाबों में मिलें,  जिस तरह सूखे हुए फूल किताबों में मिलें।  Ab Ke Hum Bichde To Shayad Kabhi Khwabon Mein Milein, Jis Tarah Sukhe Hue Phool Kitabon Mein Milein. If we parted now, we perhaps meet in dreams, like dried flowers found in books' reams.  ढूँड उजड़े हुए लोगों में वफ़ा के मोती, ये ख़ज़ाने त