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Never Fall In Love With A Poet

Never Fall In Love With A Poet- By A Thomas Hawkins Never fall in love with a poet for their words are sometimes lies on occasions they're a shield, on occasions a disguise They will take you on a journey upon which they bare their soul in a bid to ease your burden in a bid to make you whole But in every word they choose for the stories that they tell lies a little piece of heaven and a little piece of hell Tormented souls we poets are sometimes quite broken and despaired in search of lost expressions missed by others who once cared Never fall in love with a poet unless you're prepared to share their pain to hold them close on the darkest nights  over and again Below is my take on this poem, एक कवि से प्यार मत करना, इन झूठों का ऐतबार मत करना। कभी शब्दों को ढाल बनाते हैं, कभी शब्दों में ख़ुद को  छुपाते हैं, इन्हें खोजने का विचार मत करना, एक कवि से प्यार मत करना। सपनों की दुनिया ये बनाते हैं,

Daag Duniya Ne Diye

दाग़ दुनिया ने दिए।(Tainted By The World)- By Kaif Bhopali  दाग़ दुनिया ने दिए ज़ख्म ज़माने से मिले, हमको ये तोहफे तुम्हे दोस्त बनाने से मिले। I am tainted by the world,wounded by the society, Your friendship has made such gifts my property. हम तरसते ही तरसते ही तरसते ही रहे, वो फ़लाने से फ़लाने से फ़लाने से मिले। We longed and longed and longed regularly, With someone else and else and else she met purposely. ख़ुद से मिल जाते तो चाहत का भरम रह जाता, क्या मिले आप जो लोगो के मिलाने से मिले। Illusion of love will be there,if met of wish of your own, What you meet when obliged by other people not known. कैसे माने उन्हें भूल गया तू ऐ 'कैफ़', उनके ख़त आज हमें तेरे सिराहने से मिले। 'Kaif',How to consider that you have forgotten her, Her letters today we found under your pillow cover. You can also visit there: More Lights On "Daag Duniya Ne Diye"

WeChat- A new way to connect.

WeChat - A new way to connect. After downloading WeChat on my android I was excited for group chat, I was in a fix to decide them and confused about where should I start. Not God,HE was right in creating this universe,vegetation,animals and humans, They were among us who bought change either with love or with guns. There are many with whom I want to converse, But those five are listed along with what we discuss. 1. Christopher Columbus , "You mistakenly found America,a new continent, your  counterparts moved there creating new settlements, original tribes and places were destroyed & demolished, there cultures & values were all abolished" "But I made you aware with a new land,full of minerals,gases,sun and sand,some one's fate how could I change,you are still small,it's out of your range" 2. Lord Krishna " All is planned and written before", Lord Krishna interrupted, "One deserves what he through his deeds for

Shayari - 1

शायरी - 1( Couplet) बड़ी तकलीफ़ से हमने सनम तुमको भुलाया है, भुला कर अब तलक मगर जीना न आया है।  With so much pain,I have forgotten you, But still I haven't learnt to live without you.  अब तो दर्द में ही करार आता है, रुसवाइयों में ही दिल चैन पाता है, तेरे बिना ख़ुशी, ख़ुशी नहीं है, क्या करूँ कुछ समझ नहीं आता है। Now I got relief only in pain, heart got satisfaction when infamy it gain, Without you there is no happiness, What to do,I am unable to understand.

Aisa Nahin Hota

ऐसा नहीं होता। मुझे अपना बना लेते तो फिर ऐसा नहीं होता, के घबराके जब उठते तो दिल तन्हा नहीं होता। जो कभी ख्वाहिश मचल जाती इन तारों को पाने की, तो फिर उस दिन कोई तारा भी गर्दिश में नहीं होता। फूलों से सजाओगे कभी जो अपने शाने को, मेरा दावा है फूल उस दिन कोई फिर कली नहीं होता। तपिश तुमको सताती जो कभी बाहर निकलने पर, तुम रुख़ अपना दिखादेते तो ये सूरज नहीं होता। सुर्ख जोड़े में सजने की जो तुम चाहत जगा लेते, 'सिफर',जिस्म में एक कतरा भी फिर लहू नहीं होता।