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Prayer for Peace

Prayer for Peace Paris, Lahore,Mumbai, Syria or Brussels these terrorists have not left any place on this planet which is out from their terror radar. The world is continuously under threat of violence. They can do everything to destroy humanity by hiding behind the veil of religion and the repercussions of their acts were faced by commoners. In reality those who determine to kill just follow their satanic path without thinking about the faith of their victims. Here I have questioned the power of Allah who is doing nothing to stop the people who are spreading terror on His name. This is not only a prayer but a question mark on the power of almighty.  Bodies are scattered, smoke is everywhere in the screams of death you are nowhere, Ya Allah come and see killings on your name, innocents are killed to get some fame, You promised each life is equally important, then why some maniacs are roaming rampant, Don't you now hear children's sigh, their silent prayers

Bura Na Mano Holi Hai

बुरा न मानो होली है।  Holi is an Indian festival of colors which is celebrated by spreading love, happiness and togetherness. On this day we forget each other's mistakes and unites to make our lives colorful. This festival has also a tradition of leg-pulling through 'Hasya Kavita ' (Humorous Poetry) or by naughty acts and if someone becomes angry or feel offended the best way to come out of situation is by saying 'Bura Na Mano Holi Hai' (Take it easy it's Holi time mate). I have here imagined a conversation between two stalwarts of Indian politics Prime Minister Narender Modi and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi blaming each other in a fun way. I hope you all will enjoy this effort. Happy Holi to all. Aap Sab Ko Holi Mubarak.  हम से सत्ता छीन कर यूँ चैन न पाओगे यार, पग-पग अब भी तय्यार हैं अपने सिपाह-सलार,  यहाँ के हम हैं राजकुमार, यहाँ के हम हैं राजकुमार।  Hum Se Satta Cheen Kar Yun Chain Na Paoge Yaar, Pag-Pag Ab Bhi Tayyar Hain A

Tumhare Khat Mein Naya Ik Salam Kis Ka Tha

तुम्हारे ख़त में नया एक सलाम किस का था। Tumhare Khat Mein Naya Ik Salam Kiska Tha (Whose New Greetings Were There In Your Letter) - Dagh Dehelvi Dagh Dehelvi is showing his jealousy in this ghazal about her beloved's attention shifting to someone else. Her mannerism,behavior and a name in her letter raised his doubts which he has shared in this ghazal. He is almost sure that she is flirting with her enemy and ignoring her thus he is reminding her of his love and her love vows. I have translated this ghazal here and hope you all will enjoy this. For detail interpretation of this  ghazal see : Behind Tumhare Khat Mein Ik Naya Salam.     तुम्हारे ख़त में नया इक सलाम किस का था, न था रकीब तो आख़िर वो नाम किस का था।  Tumhare Khat Mein Naya Ik Salaam Kis Ka Tha, Na Tha Raqeeb To Aakhir Wo Naam Kis Ka Tha. Whose new greeting was there in your letter? Whose name it was if it was not of my challenger? वो क़त्ल करके मुझे हर किसी से पूछते हैं, ये काम किसने किया है

Har Raat Bechaini, Har Din Hai Pareshani

हर रात बेचैनी, हर दिन है परेशानी। (Har Raat Bechaini Har Din Hai Pareshani) image source here हर रात बेचैनी, हर दिन है परेशानी, तुझे छोड़ के आना निकली मेरी नादानी।  Har Raat Bechaini, Har Din Hai Pareshani, Tujhe Chodd Ke Aana Nikli Meri Nadani. तू अब भी पुकारे है मुझको ही शायद, सुनते हैं जो दिवार-ओ-दर वही आवाज़ पुरानी है।  Tu Ab Bhi Pukare Hai Mujhko Hi Shayad, Sunte Hain Jo Diwar-o-Dar Wahi Aawaaz Purani Hai. हर एक फ़साने को अंजाम दिया मैंने, अब तक रही अधूरी वो तेरी-मेरी कहानी है।  Har Ek Fasane Ko Anjaam Diya Maine, Ab Tak Rahi Adhuri Wo Teri-Meri Kahani Hai. कोई नहीं था जब तन्हाई बनी हमदम, बेबसी की मेरे किस्से दुनिया सुने उसकी ज़ुबानी है।  Koi Nahin Tha Jab Tanhai Bani Humdam, Bebasi Ki Mere Kisse Duniya Sune Uski Zubani Hai. मैं नहीं आया तो, तुम भी तो नहीं आए, इंतज़ार के लम्हों में बीती जाए जवानी है।  Main Nahin Aaya To, Tum Bhi To Nahin Aaye, Intezaar Ke Lamhon Mein Beeti Jaaye Jawani Hai. बेचैनी ( Bechaini)  - Uneasiness ;

Everyday Is Women's Day

Everyday Is Women's Day We can't imagine a world without women yet the women are treated as second class citizens in our society. The problem lies not only in the patriarchal mindset of men but also the women who have accepted their ill fate by obliging to men for all their needs. This poem is an effort to help all of us realize that not a single day is possible without women in the world. Happy Women's Day. Everyday is a women's day, you struggle, remain puzzled when she is not around, even a day without her you are astray, manages home, manages office and everything  you found. A mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter or in any other form, she is loving, caring and daring, according to situations her role she transform, and in each role she is inspiring. A woman is along or behind every successful man, but a woman stands on her own,  clearing every hurdles of world set up by man, this creator sees success's dawn Ou

Haiku : Budget

Haiku : Budget Lengthy document, puzzling uncommon figures of common budget.  ##### Government planning, emptying public pockets home budget shattered.