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Haiku : Karva-Chauth

Haiku : Karva-Chauth  Karvachauth is a Hindu festival in which women fasts from dawn to moon sighting for long life of her husband/partner. My Haiku are attempted to bring flavor of this day. Love induced hunger, Full moon comes to the rescue, Both breaking the fast. ####### Waited till evening, Fainted in the lover's arms, Moon shone in mischief  

Evil Never Dies

Evil Never Dies. Have you ever wondered why we burn effigies of Ravana every year on Dussehra day? This is because evil never dies and we must defeat it again and again to become victorious. Similarly we need to overcome evils like jealousy, animosity, greed, anger, proud, etc in us for spreading true message of Dussehra. Happy Dussehra, May Good always become victorious. Everything is burning, everything is down, evil has its head high if you see all around, Ravana is strong, Rama please return,  This year with Ravana his evils also burn. 'Rama and Ravana both resides in you, that who throw Ravana outside becomes new, Rama is with one who this can properly do, What choice you make is entirely up to you.'

Marte Hain Tere Pyaar Mein Hum Aur Zyaada.

मरते हैं तेरे प्यार में हम और ज़्यादा। Marte Hain Tere Pyaar Mein Hum Aur Zyada.  (I Am Dying From Your Love Even More.) - Muhammad Ibrahim Zauq . This Zauq's Ghazal is a pure devotion of love. It has complaints from poet for his beloved's avoiding and hurting him but even then he swear to her name and regards her as his God. He knows that she is spoiled by his love however he knew nothing more than to love her even more. I have translated this ghazal here and hope this will help you in understanding it better. For elaborate understanding : Elaborating Marte Hain Tere Pyaar Mein HGum Aur Zyada. मरते हैं तेरे प्यार से हम और ज़्यादा, तू लुत्फ़ में करता है सितम और ज़्यादा।  Marte Hain Tere Pyaar Se Hum Aur Zyada,  Tu Lutf Mein Karta Hai Sitam Aur Zyaada. I am dying from your love even more, You oppress in enjoyment even more, दें क्यों की न वो दाग़-ए-अलम और ज़्यादा, कीमत में भड़े दिल के दिरम् और ज़्यादा।  De Kyun Ki Na Wo Daag-Ae-Alam Aur Zyaada, Ki

A Secret Revealed.

This post has been published by me as a part of Blog-a-Ton 56 ; the fifty-sixth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. A Secret Revealed. We suffer, we prosper, we born, we die, we hate, we love, we dare, we shy, we eat, we sleep, we laugh, we cry, whatever our faiths we all lie. But you never reveal any oddity? Who are you? What's your identity? We go to holy site, we perform religious rite, we climbed dangerous height, whatever our faiths you were beyond our sight. And you never show your visibility? Who are you? What's your identity? YOU are hiding behind veils of Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Sikhism, Judaism, Jainism, Spirituality, Who are you? What's your identity? This secret I found, I found that secret, when I rummage inside my heart. You were no where but everywhere, depends on what view for you we adhere. You are none but an impression of our heart, told to us as a secret from

Haiku : Tolerance

Haiku : Tolerance  Accept ideas,  absorb each view patiently  take your decision.  ##### The god is certain , defined in many known forms respect His presence. ##### All claims are empty , ways to mislead the humans God resides in heart. ##### This post is linked to Three Word Wednesday #448 ( absorb, certain, empty ).

The Son of The Soil

The Son of The Soil 2nd October is the birth anniversary of two great sons of the soil. Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shahtri. While I have written many times on Mahatma Gandhi and his ideals (which you can read here) I have never dedicated any poem to Lal Bahadur Shastri the most simple human being and the second Prime Minister of India. This poem is dedicated to him. His slogan of  'Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan', even now inspires us and instill respect in us for two important pillars of our society. Also Happy Gandhi Jayanti. Both Gandhi Ji and Shastri Ji were believers of world peace. Lets pray for the same on their birthday.  Simple village man amassed love not money, second PM of India was as sweet as honey. But when the tough time of war came, he never let down nation in shame. Hail the soldier (Jai Jawan ) who guards our border, maintain law and order, Hail the farmer ( Jai Kisan) who feeds the nation, responsible for our ration.  This sl