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Our Constitution

Our Constitution Celebrating one more Republic Day on my blog is a great feeling. The constitution is an oath which make us one as a nation without it we have no national identity. It guarantees equality,liberty, freedom, socialism and secularism to all the people of India. But these values are in danger today from some fringe elements which kicking them from their feet and sadly they are rising because of the apathy and indifference of our government bodies which are also created by constitution. This year my poem giving highlight of constitutional values and how they are under threat. Hope constitution always remain strong. Happy Republic Day.  An adult girl is not allowed to marry her choice, to choose her faith, to constitutional liberty rejoice, scolded,threatened,supressed when she raise voice, I am sure in multiple sessions,  they not built that weak constitution. Guardian of constitution when permit the screening, terrorists of a community fearless

Sab Ek Charagh Ke Parwane Hona Chahte Hain!

सब एक चराग के परवाने होना चाहते हैं। (Sab Ek Charag Ke Parwane Hona Chahte Hain) - Everyone To Be A Moth of a Same Lamp Wants - Asad Badayuni  Asad Badayuni in this ghazal is telling about love and beloved. He says that it's craziness that every lover wants to love the same beloved(lady love). He describes further implication of this love and indicate that he too is in the line if gets a chance. I read it recently and decided to translate it to make it reach a wider audience. This ghazal is further elaborated here. ' Sab Ek Charag Ke By Asad Badayuni  सब इक चराग़ के परवाने होना चाहते हैं  अजीब लोग हैं दीवाने होना चाहते हैं  Sab Ek Charag Ke Parwane Hona Chahte Hain, Ajeeb Log Hain Diwane Hona Chahte Hain. everyone to be a moth of a same lamp wants, weird people to be crazy they wants. न जाने किस लिए ख़ुशियों से भर चुके हैं दिल  मकान अब ये अज़ा-ख़ाने होना चाहते हैं  Na Jaane Kis Liye Khushiyun Se Bhar Chuke Hain Dil, Makan Ab Ye Aza-Khane

Chupke Chupke Raat Din

चुपके-चुपके रात दिन (Chupke Chupke Raat Din)  Hasrat Mohani who gave us the famous slogan of independence struggle  'Inquilab Zindabad' (Long Live Revolution ) has wrote this ghazal which is also used in 1982 Hindi film Nikaah. This ghazal is like someone remembering the old days of love,togetherness and romance. The poet is recalling things from the past to affirm that he still knew about those happenings thus confirming his evergreen love. I have translated this famous ghazal and one of my longest translation   in hope it reach many more people to cherish. चुपके-चुपके रात दिन आँसू बहाना याद है, हम को अब तक आशिक़ी का वो ज़माना याद है। Chupke-Chupke Raat Din Aansu Bahana Yaad Hai, Hum Ko Ab Tak Aashiqui Ka Wo Zamana Yaad Hai. To shed tears day & night silently, I remember, that period of love even now, I remember. बा-हज़ाराँ इज़्तिराब ओ सद-हज़ाराँ इश्तियाक़, तुझ से वो पहले-पहल दिल का लगाना याद है। Ba-Hazaran Iztirab Au Sad-Hazaran Ishtiyaq, Tujh Se