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New Year, New Beginning

New Year, New Beginning 2015 is counting its days. This year like all previous years gave us some good and bad memories. There were incidents of racial abuse, color discrimination, terrorism, environmental issues and refugee crisis similarly there were also incidents of opening doors for refugees, standing against abuses and abolishing of discrimination. This year also saw many ups and downs in Indian diaspora. Some unexpected victories, some obvious defeats, eating habits issues, religious hatred, cultural hatred, injustices,befriending a neighbor while turning away from another, farmers suicide et cetera mainly there are more bad news than good news for India in this year but still when we came united during Chennai Floods, FTII students and farmers suicide we became a stronger nation. Now the new year has brought new opportunities to amend our mistakes and start fresh with high spirits to do something good for the country and the world. Happy New Year to all. Dear world

Christmas Day

Christmas Day Christmas Day(25th December) is known more for Santa Claus and celebration associated with it than for the birth of Jesus Christ the man who stood for love and care throughout his life and who even in his death set the example of forgiveness to the world. Today with below written poem in shape of a Christmas tree I have combined the message of this day with the celebrations. Merry Christmas to all of you. It is the day a child was born who  spread the love in the world, who lived & sacrificed and even forgave his killers to kill hate from the world. The day humanity found the champion of service and care, who devoted  his life for the poor and sick  and always to compassion he adhere. Today on this day lets pledge again to fill the world with endearment. Reduce the pain, share the gain, stood for peace-betterment. love care stay for- ever

Tunhe Saha Jo Dard - A Tribute to Nirbhaya

Tune Saha Jo Dard - A Tribute to Nirbhaya 16 December 2012 the date which witnessed the heinous crime of a gang rape of 23 year old paramedical student Jyoti Singh by five animal like men in Delhi. She as Nirbhaya (fearless) united the country in fight against sexual crimes which resulted in strengthening of rape laws but sadly her rapists even after fast track court hearing are waiting for judgement. Nothing has changed in last three years except the change in governments. Rapes are still rampant in the country and no government looked serious to deal with the issue. I wrote below poem on 29th December 2012 after her death as a tribute to her, I shared it here on this blog previously on 1st Jan. 2013. Today I feel to share it again because as a society we have failed her not because her rapists are not hanged but for the attitude of society towards the rape crimes have not changed. I added the last stanza today while re-writing this poem here. तूने सहा जो दर्द वो इन्तेहा


Joy Up and down, down and up, Day-night passed in wonder, Victory dance, astonishing glance, this boat feared not any thunder. Bruises, laughs, daytime stars, part of our adventure, Cries and fights, again unites Joy of childhood venture. This post is linked to Magpie Tales : Mag 298

Chennai Cheered

Chennai Cheered Earthquake, Floods, Cloud Bursts, Tsunami, etc can only take away our wealth and property but not the spirit which binds us all together. Recent Chennai flood presented the similar example, a city broken by excessive rains, loss of life and property stood again by his unity, courage, hope and love. Salaam Chennai.  Pillows, mattresses, curtains, bed sheets, drown life's saving. Love, courage, hope, unity, but strengthen in the raining. Help poured from every corner faster than the water, First humans came for humans, government arrived later. Temple,mosques and churches, showed their real aim, humanity is the truest faith, God - only a name. Nature altered by our actions, reacted in that way, We have to now discuss and debate how with nature we can stay. Chennai challenged,collectively contacted, thus Chennai cheered, City flooded but the spirit remain intact, thus Chennai cheered. 

Sochta Hun Tumhe Aaj Khat Likhun!

सोचता हूँ तुम्हे आज ख़त लिखूं! (Sochta Hun Tumhe Aaj Khat Likhun!) In today's modern world the charm of writing a letter has gone for always. Love letters are things of the past. In this Hindi-Urdu kavita (poem) , I have tried to point out things we are missing by forgetting this art. This contemporary love poem is an expression of love by thinking about writing a letter. Hope you all will like it. सोचता हूँ तुम्हें आज ख़त लिखूं, दिल में है जो मेरे आज सब लिखूं।   Sochta Hun Tumhe Aaj Khat Likhun, Dil Mein Hai Jo Mere Aaj Sab Likhun. मोबाइल, कंप्यूटर के स्क्रीन को सामने से हटाकर, एक लाल कलम, ख़ुशबूदार कुछ पन्ने जुटाकर, तेरी याद में कुछ कर आँखें नाम लिखूं. .....  सोचता हूँ तुम्हें आज ख़त लिखूं।  Mobile, Computer, Ke Screen Ko Saamne Se Hatakar, Ek Laal Kalam, Khushbudaar Kuch Panne Jutakar, Teri Yaad Mein Kuch Kar Aankhein Nam Likhun.... Sochta Hun Tumhe Aaj Khat Likhun. वो स्माइली, वो हग्स, वो किसेस उसमे कुछ बी तो नहीं होंगे, बस चंद बातें जो स

Two Minute Medley #2 - World Aids Day

Two Minute Medley #2 - World Aids Day Acceptance,sympathy, care, Sensibility,safety,aware. World Aids Day Promise,protection, precaution, No fear,stigma and discrimination. World Aids Day