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Ek Saal Aur Beet Gaya

एक और साल बीत गया। Ek Aur Saal Beet Gaya. 2016 is almost over and we are ready to welcome new year 2017. The past year has given us more bad experiences than the good ones. Like the deaths of our soldiers in Pathankot-Uri attacks, suicide of Rohith Vemula , disappearance of Najeeb Ahmad , Anti-national row,  Jat quota stir during which Delhi's water supply affected, Panama Papers,  Kashmir Unrest , world problems like Brexit confusion, Trump victory, Yemen-Aleppo attacks, several racial attacks in America and demonetization in India. Winning in Rio, reaching apex at Cricket, Isro's achievement are some things to cherish. The coming year is near, I hope this would bring happiness in our lives and peace in the world. I have tried to compile all events of the year in this Hindi poem. Happy New Year 2017 to all .   बीत गया-बीत गया एक फ़साना बीत गया, खुशियों की धुन का, ग़म का तराना बीत गया।  Beet Gaya- Beet Gaya Ek Fasana Beet Gaya, Khushiyon Ki Dhun Ka, Gham

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas - A Ten Liner When world celebrates the birthday of Jesus Christ we must also remember his message of love and compassion. World today is deprived of peace and humanity because we have forgotten the basic principles of care Jesus taught the world. Let's us pledge that when we celebrate this festival we promise to make this world a better place. Merry Christmas ☺ enjoy this short ten line poem with the message of Christmas.  In the world so dark, a night create spark, that fill the heart with the holiness. Santa in red suit, and his black boot, in small packets spread the happiness. let us forget all pain, our routines so insane, year long loss & gain, to kill evils of the world with togetherness. This poem completes 300 posts on this blog. 

Hum Aah Bhi Bharte Hain To Ho Jaate Hain Badnaam

हम आह भी भरते हैं तो हो जाते हैं बदनाम। (Hum Aah Bhi Bharte Hain To Ho Jaate Hain Badnaam) - Akbar Allahabadi The last sher (couplet) of this Ghazal by Akbar Allahabadi is very famous and often quoted in movies and routine conversations. This ghazal is a display of love and lament. He said that mere meeting eyes with her sparkle many emotions in him. He further praises her beloved and prays to god to keep away from love. In the last stanza he explains his pain that even her huge crimes get unnoticed (like leaving her lovers to die) while his mere sigh of love defamed him. I have tried to translate it and hope that you will like it. ग़म्ज़ा नहीं होता की इशारा नहीं होता, आँख उनसे जो मिलती है तो क्या-क्या नहीं होता। Gamza Nahin Hota Ki Ishara Nahin Hota, Aankh Unse Jo Milti Hai To Kya-Kya Nahin Hota. Not only secret hints and coquetry glance, meeting eyes with her creates multiple instance. जलवा न हो मानी का तो सूरत का असर क्या, बुलबुल गुल-ए-तस्वीर का शै

Haiku - Winter

Haiku - Winter Short days long nights, the sun is not that much bright winter has arrived

Two Minute Medley # 4

Two Minute Medley # 4 Two minute medley is my way of seeing happening around in poetic way. They are short and crisp poems two or four liners in Hindi and English. They may be in both the languages.  हर हिंदुस्तानी देशभक्ति अब सिनेमा हॉल में टपकाएगा, सावधान होगा पहले फिर शीला की जवानी पे कमर हिलाएगा।  Every Indian now show their patriotism in theater, Standing for few seconds before praising the vulgar. ##### Boardroom battles out in the open, blame game begins, blew in the air courtesy's token, largest group shrinks. ##### मुफ्त न खाना, मुफ्त न रहना, मुफ्त नहीं है प्यार, ऐसी खुदगर्ज़ दुनिया में तू बाटे बिना सोच विचार, कुछ तो गड़बड़ है ! कोई है गोरखजाल, Jio मेरे लाल, Jio मेरे लाल।   ##### destruction in Aleppo - Syria School, colleges, homes all turned to rubble, God Himself burst better future bubble.

Hum Charagon Ki Tarah Shaam Se Jal Jaate Hain

हम चरागों की तरह शाम से जल जाते है। (Hum Charagon Ki Tarah Shaam Se Jal Jaate Hain) - Like Lamps I Too From Evening Burns in Fire - Qateel Shifai This ghazal from Qateel Shifai is a love longing ghazal . The lover is burning in the flames of unfulfilled love which is eating him from the inside. This ghazal whose shair (couplet) are famous in popular culture is translated by me here. You can visit ' Hum Charagon Ki Tarah ' for better understanding of this ghazal.  गर्मी-ए-हसरत-ए-नाकाम से जल जाते हैं, हम चरागों की तरह शाम से जल जाते हैं।  Garmi-ae-Hasrat-ae-Nakaam Se Jal Jaate Hain, Hum Charagon Ki Tarah Shaam Se Jal Jaate Hain. I burn in the flames of unfulfilled desire, like lamps I too from evening burns in fire. शमा जिस आग में जलती है नुमाइश के लिए, हम उसी आग में गुमनाम से जल जाते हैं।  Shama Jis Aag Mein Jalti Hai Numaish Ke Liye, Hum Usi Aag Mein Gumnaam Se Jal Jaate Hain. In that fire in which a candle burns for exhibition, I burn in tha

Haiku - Demonetization

Haiku - Demonetization  These set of Haiku will give you a glimpse of the situation around. Although it is a good move but neither the banks nor the government were prepared for its smooth execution. ATMs not calibrated in advance, no working on farmers condition who need to sow new crops, markets are deserted in the peak marriage season, etc are some of the problems neglected by the government. This has again divided the country and the society as the followers of Modi ji and government again finding all those anti-national which are highlighting the shortcomings of the Demonetization issue.  Cashless in bank queues, nation halted suddenly haste has made us waste. ####### My hard earned money, turned to paper in a night craving for respite.  ####### Rich not in the line,  devised unique methods these  hoarders feeling fine  ####### This post is linked to IndiSpire Edition 144 What is your idea/reaction/experience about the

Shayari #14

शायरी #14 (Shayari #14) - Couplet मदहोशी का ये आलम यूँ ही तो नहीं है, तेरी नज़रें भी तो नज़रों पे मेरी ठहरी थीं।  Madhoshi Ka Ye Aalam Yun Hi To Nahin Hai, Teri Nazrein Bhi To Nazron Pe Meri Thehri Thi. There is a reason behind this intoxication, your eyes meeting mine in fascination.


This post has been published by me as a part of Blog-a-Ton 58 ; the fifty-eighth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. In association with ​Saravana Kumar Murugan , the editor of Shades Of Life book series . Refugee Refugee is a person forced to leave his/her country, home, area and the things he loved. Return of #BlogATon58 and #Aativas50 should have encouraged me to right something celebratory but when there is no hope for return nothing could be celebrated. Not only the world, our country and also social media platforms are full of people who forced others to leave because they didn't like their presence. This poem is written in solidarity with all refugees and I hope someday they will definitely return.   Fighter planes, tanks, guns, missiles, missing loved ones in debris piles, left the soil,left the home,left money under the sun, homeless,loveless, no place to return. Friends, neighbors, companion,acquaintances,

Ae Dil Wo Aashiqi Ke Fasane Kidhar Gaye

ऐ दिल वो आशिक़ी के फ़साने किधर गए। (Ae Dil Wo Aashiqi Ke Fasane Kidhar Gaye) - O! Heart Where Stories Of Love Has Gone - Akhtar Shirani  Akhtar Shirani is a famous romantic Urdu poet. His many ghazals are used as songs in Hindi movies and others have inspired lyrics writer to pen some beautiful songs. This is a ghazal in which he is describing the void of failing in love. He is questioning where those love stories, those beloved and lovers has gone. He said that everything appears deserted, every happiness is silent and everything seemed dull and boring to him. I have tried to translate it. Hope you will like it.  ऐ दिल वो आशिक़ी के फ़साने किधर गए, वो उम्र क्या हुई वो ज़माने किधर गए।  Ae Dil Wo Aashiqi Ke Fasane Kidhar Gaye, Wo Umr Kya Hui Wo Zamane Kidhar Gaye. O heart where stories of love has gone, What happened to that age, where that time has gone. वीरां हैं सहन-ओ-बाग़ बहारों को क्या हुआ, वो बुलबुले कहाँ वो तराने किधर गए।  Veeran Hain Sahn-o-Bagh

Ek Diya Jalate Hain

एक दिया जलाते हैं। Ek Diya Jalate Hain (Lets Light A Candle) Diwali is a festival of light which not only mean to enlighten our lives but to spread that shine and happiness in the life of others. Lets share our joy with the deprived people of our society, with our soldiers who guard us even when we celebrate festivals, with our farmers who give us food when their own homes are devoid of it. This Diwali Light A Candle for them (remember them/care for them) in your celebrations. Jai Jawan Jai Kisan .  Happy Diwali वो जो अंधेरों में अपनी ज़िंदगियां बिताते हैं, वो जो घरों से दूर होकर भी मुस्कुराते हैं, वो जो देश की ख़ातिर जीते और मर जाते हैं, इस दफा एक दिया उनके लिए जलाते हैं।  Wo Jo Andheron Mein Apni Zindagi Bitate Hain, Wo Jo Gharon Se Door Hokar Bhi Muskurate Hain, Wo Jo Desh Ki Khatir Jeete Aur Mar Jaate Hain, Is Dafa Ek Diya Unke Liye Jalate Hain. Who spend their lives in darkness, Who smiles even in homesickness, Who live & die for country's progress, Lets

Hum Dekhenge

हम देखेंगे ! (Hum Dekhenge!) - We Will See! - Faiz Ahmad Faiz Hum Dekhenge or we will see is a revolutionary song of Faiz Ahmad Faiz which he wrote against the injustices of then Pakistan ruler Zia Ul Haq . Iqbal Bano a prominent Pakistani singer sang this song wearing a black saree in front of gathering of 50,000 people in Lahore stadium to oppose Zia's saree ban. Since then it has become the song for the revolutionaries. It's a promise as well as a call to the oppressor that we will witness the fall of this rule of oppression. This song is also used in end credits of Hindi film Haidar to represent the struggle of Kashmiri people. I have tried to translate it for better understanding.  हम देखेंगे, लाज़िम है के हम भी देखेंगे, वो दिन के जिसका वादा है, जो लौह-ए-अज़ल में लिखा है, हम देखेंगे। Hum Dekhenge, Lazim Hai Ke Hum Bhi Dekhenge, Wo Din Ke Jiska Wada Hai, Jo Lauh-e-Azal Mein Likha Hai, Hum Dekhenge. We Will See, It's certain that we

Mann Ka Ravan

मन का रावण (Mann Ka Ravan) A Hindi Kavita song with a message of Dussehra that we all must conquer our the evils residing in us to have a better self,society,nation and the world. Happy Dussehra to all. मन का रावण बुरा करो तो धीरे-धीरे बढ़ता है, राम मिटा दो जीवन से तो ये फिर सर चढ़ता है।   Mann Ka Ravan Bura Karo To Dhire-Dhire Badta Hai, Ram Mita Do Jivan Se To Ye Phir Sar Jadta Hai. इसकी ताकत है बुराई, इसे न भाए सच्चाई, लोभ-लालच खाता है ये और प्रेम ह्रदय सड़ता है।  मन का रावण.........................  Iski Taqat Hai Burai, Ise Na Bhae Sachchai, Lobh-Lalach Khata Hai Ye Aur Prem Hriday Sadta Hai. अधर्म-हिंसा हत्यार इसके, गुस्सा है परम सिपाही, जो इनको स्वीकार करे वो हरदम भड़कता है।  मन का रावण..........................  Adharm-Hinsa Hatyaar Iske, Gussa Hai Param Sipahi, Jo Inko Swikaar Kare Wo Hardam Bhadakta Hai. आज इसको आग लगा दो, मन के अंदर से मिटा दो, पर्व दशहरे का आज यही तो हमसे कहता है।  मन का रावण.......................... Aaj I

Haiku - War

Haiku - War Brutal destruction, graves,ruin,terror,bloodbath, peace murderer war.

Mohabbat Chahiye Baham Hamein Bhi Ho Tumhe Bhi Ho

मोहब्बत चाहिए बाहम हमें भी हो तुम्हे भी हो। (Mohabbat Chahiye Baham Hamein Bhi Ho Tumhe Bhi Ho - Love Should Be Reciprocal to You and To Me - Bahadur Shah Zafar Bahadur Shah Zafar was the last Mughal ruler of India. He was also the poet and has wrote many famous poems. This is one of them in which he describes a condition of reciprocal love or the condition where both the lover and beloved experience the same emotions. He said that the happiness, pain, sorrow, joy must be shared between both of them. I have translated this ghazal here. For better understanding visit : Mohabbat Chahiye Baham by Bahadur Shah Zafar मोहब्बत चाहिए बाहम हमें भी हो तुम्हे भी हो, ख़ुशी हो इसमें या हो ग़म हमें भी हो तुम्हे भी हो।  Mohabbat Chahiye Baham Hamein Bhi Ho Tumhe Bhi Ho, Khushi Ya Ismein Ya Ho Gham Hamein Bhi Ho Tumhe Bhi Ho. Love should be reciprocal to you and to me, Its sorrow or joy happen to you and to me. ग़नीमत तुम इसे समझो कि इस ख़ुम-ख़ाने में यारो, नसीब इक दम

Kuch Badlega ?

कुछ बदलेगा ?(Kuch Badlega ?) Will anything ever change? That haunts me whenever I started thinking deeper about crime against women in India and specifically in Delhi. Crime against women here are increasing day by day. Criminals are becoming so fearless that they didn't even think twice before committing a crime even in a crowded place. Our police system which acts slow on crime against women, our judicial system which hardly punish rapists, acid attackers, child molesters, etc to imbibe fear in others and our politics which is not serious about these issues while giving tickets to criminals. Few days ago a 22 year old girl stabbed in front of a dozen people in broad daylight by her stalker in Burari area of Delhi. Two other similar crimes happened in Mangolpuri and Indrapuri of Delhi where two 17 years old girls get killed. Delhi is not only the rape capital where not even a 11 months old girl is save but also a crime capital where such crime happens without any fear

Blank Notebook

Blank Notebook She opened a blank notebook, notebook to write the truth she knew, she knew it is tough to write, write the destiny of her unborn child, child for whom his husband returned, returned to live happily again, again to refresh their marriage vows, vows of love and togetherness, togetherness which he never cared, cared not the pain his beating gave her, her loneliness increased as he left, left when she slapped back, back after six months for child in her womb. Womb she felt before writing the truth, the truth that the child was not his, his hate created a loneliness. Loneliness filled by that PG she kept, kept him to have some money support, support of love she also received, received from him her pregnancy. Pregnancy excited him to marry her, her bad luck he died in an accident, accident took away all her happiness, happiness she decided would cherish with that child, child brought her husband back back as a cha

Shayari #13

शायरी # 13 Shayari #13 (Couplet) मुस्कुराकर कोई सज़ा दे दो, जीने की वजह पा लेंगे।  - सिफर  Muskurakar Koi Saza De Do, Jeene Ki Wajah Pa Lenge.  - Cifar ########## Just Give A Punishment With A Smile, Will Find A Reason To Live. - Cifar

A Story Yet Unwritten

A Story Yet Unwritten As a human being each one of us is capable of telling a story but many of us didn't know the correct way to express it so some tales becomes private for our own hearts only. Sometimes it is better they remain that way with the person who have written it in his/her heart for the pain engulfed in it. Such stories are unwritten yet complete for his/her. This poem is reflecting that love story of an untold love. Your glance has such an effect, nomadic I became, Like a story yet unwritten you connect, difficult to overcome. Despite having a clear view of our lives together, Still standing in queue is my first love letter. How to organize chapters of my life and fill it with your presence, What role you deserve? Friend, beloved or wife, depends my life's essence. Stuck in between from your silence, the tale of our love, Unable to gather my senses, I am failing in love. Words jumbled the day you left, inked

Main Nahin Makhan Khayo

मैं नहीं माखन खायो। Main Nahin Makhan Khayo  - Dear Mother, I didn't eat the butter - Surdas Surdas is a famous Braj language Indian poet of Bhakti movement . He was blind from birth yet his devotion to Lord Krishna is visible from the imagery created by his poems in praise of  Krishna and Radha. On the occasion of birth anniversary of Lord Krishna i.e Krishna Janamashtami (25th August 2016), I am presenting here one of Surdas' s famous couplet with translation  'Main Nahin Makhan Khayo' describing the mischievousness of Bal Krishna (Young Krishna). Happy Janmashtamai . For more on this couplet please visit : Surdas' Main Nahin Makhan Khayo  मैय्या मोरी मैं नहीं माखन खायो।   Maiyya Mori Main Nahin Makhan Khayo. Dear Mother, I didn't eat the butter. भोर भयो गैयन के पाछे, मधुवन मोहिं पठायो । चार पहर बंसीबट भटक्यो, साँझ परे घर आयो।  Bhor Bhayo Gaiyyan Ke Peeche, Madhuvan Mohin Pathayo, Char Pahar Basinbat Bhatkyo, Sanjh Pare Ghar Aayo.

Two Minute Medley #3

Two Minute Medley #3 Raksha Bandhan is round the corner and Independence Day has just passed. This post has some quick poetry in Hindi-English on both this occasions and on the Kashmir unrest. Hope you enjoy them all. Happy Independence Day. Happy Raksha Bandhan.  आज़ाद एक वो दिन भी आएगा, वो न मेरी जात-धर्म पूछेंगे, तिरंगा उस दिन ही मुस्काएगा, जब हम अपना नाम हिंद बोलेंगे।   Aazad Ek Wo Din Bhi Aayega, Wo Na Meri Jaat-Dharm Puchenge, Tiranga Us Din Hi Muskaega, Jab Hum Apna Naam Hind Bolenge. ######## Tie such a thread this year dear sisters, which impart respect for every women, Promise to protect each lady dear brothers, molestation,abuse,rape not traits of real men. ######## Our heaven is burning like hell, but in someone's praise we swell. Why adding fuel to someone's fire, when water of trust is what we desire.  ########


मुसाफ़िर (Musafir) We all are traveler in this journey of life. As in traveling life also offers good and bad experience which we have to face in the course of journey. The paths or ways become more familiar to us and sometimes reaching the destination doesn't matter. That's the beauty of the journey so stay entertained in this journey called life, enjoy being the traveler, never halt, never stop just walk on and on and on.  मुसाफ़िर हूँ दिलक़श नज़ारों से गुज़ारना है, नीले आसमां, महके चमन और बहारों से मिलना है, बंजर ज़मीं, खंडरों और टूटे बयारों में भी चलना है, न थमना है न रुकना है, मुझे बस चलते जाना है। Musafir Hun Dilkash Nazaron Se Guzarna Hai, Neele Aasman, Mehke Chaman Aur Baharon Se Milna Hai, Banjar Zamin, Khandaron Aur Toote Bayaron Mein Bhi Chalna Hai, Na Thamna Hai Na Rukna Hai, Mujhe Bas Chalte Jaana Hai. लोगों के समंदर में गोते भी खाने हैं, इतिहास के पन्ने सभी पढ़के आने हैं, मोहब्बत के, दहशत के, किस्से सुनने-सुनाने हैं, न थमना है न रुकना है, मुझ

Smart Generation

Smart Generation - A Six Liner  Like and share someone's problem, trend it with your best capabilities, turn around when they actually come, or just take a selfie without formalities !  Smart generation is helpful all nights and days, love, pity, care, support with smart ways. 

Aarzuen Hazaar Rakhte Hain

आरज़ुएँ हज़ार रख़ते हैं ! ( Aarzuen Hazaar Rakhte Hain!) I Keep A Thousand Desire - Mir Taqi Mir In this ghazal Mir Taqi 'Mir ' expressing his desires as a young lover. It seems that he is not pointing towards a particular beloved but talking in general about girls of his age and his desire to love them.  He keeps his heart restless for them and hope for a glance of love. He emphasis that he didn't want status of a friend but of a lover. He said that he is young and can influence to love.    आरज़ुएँ हज़ार रख़ते हैं , तो भी हम दिल को मार रख़ते हैं।  Aarzuen Hazaar Rakhte Hain, To Bhi Hum Dil Ko Maar Rakhte Hain. I keep a thousand desire, yet I suppress my heart's fire. बर्क़ कम-हौसला हैं हम भी तो, दिल को बेक़रार रखते हैं।  Bark Kam-Hausla Hain Hum Bhi To, Dil Ko Bekaraar Rakhte Hain. Like a lightening, I am unambitious, thus keeping the heart impetuous. ग़ैर ही मुरीद-ऐ-इनायत है, हम भी तो तुमसे प्यार रखते हैं।  Gair Hi Mureed-E-Inayat H


बौछारें ! ( Bocharain) Bocharain means showers in English. This rainy season this word keep striking my mind which resulted in this ghazal. This ghazal has a duel character; it can be read as plea to beloved or also as plea to god. The third stanza has a touch of prayer to god. I hope you will enjoy reading this poem.  इस तरह मेरे जीवन में तू आजा रे, बंजर धरती को जैसे सवारें हैं बौछारें।  Is Tarah Mere Jivan Mein Tu Aaja Re, Banjar Dharti Ko Jaise Sawarein Hain Bocharain. टुटा हूँ, बिखरा हूँ, उजड़ा-उजड़ा कतरा हूँ, मेरी दुनिया बसा दे कर मोहब्बत की बौछारें।  Tuta Hun, Bikhra Hun, Ujda-Ujda Katra Hun, Meri Duniya Basa De Kar Mohabbat Ki Bocharain. हर तरफ अँधेरा है, रौशनी खो गई है, सुखी-तपती भूमि में हरयाली नहीं है, हर रूह है प्यासी, तेरी इनायत जो नहीं है, खुद तबाह हुए दुर्बलों को दे रहमत की बौछारें।  Har Taraf Andhera Hai, Roshni Kho Gayi Hai, Sukhi-Tapti Bhumi Mein Haryali Nahin Hai, Har Ruh Hai Pyasi, Teri Inayat Jo Nahin Hai, Khud Tabah Hue

Spirit of Eid

Spirit of Eid Eid-ul-Fitr or ' Meethi Eid' as it is called in India is celebrated after completion of holy month of fasting i.e Ramzaan. This festival Eid is not just about celebration but about sharing happiness. The privileged Muslims are obliged to give 'Zakaat' (2.5% amount from total earnings which is given to poor and needy) and 'Fitra' (amount equal to 1.6kg wheat meant for poor and needy) to maintain the balance in society and need to take care that people around us should be happy. But this year Ramzaan became violent with deaths of innocents in terrorist attacks of Istanabul, Baghdad,Dhaka,Orlando and recently in Qatif and Madina of Saudi Arabia. Most died in these attacks are fasting Muslims which make it clear that terror sees no religion, neither it has any religion. Here I am sharing a poem emphasizing on real Spirit of Eid. May Eid brings happiness and peace to the world. Happy Eid.   A Ramzaan passed with scars, of innocent death

Mein Jise Odhta - Bichata Hun

में जिसे ओढ़ता - बिछाता हूँ। (Mein Jise Odhta - Bichata Hun) - The One With Which I Am Frequent With - Dushyant Kumar Dushyant Kumar is most popular for his sher 'Ho Kahin Bhi Aag Lekin Aag Jalni Chahiye' . This ghazal 'Mein Jise Odhta-Bichata Hun' is a romantic one where poet is describing his love. Third couplet is used as a song in the recent released movie 'Masaan'. Poet describes this poem as his favorite one. He said that he forgets everything in his eyes and shivers when she passes across him. He said that people don't let him come out to express his love but his efforts have increased even more after closing of one door. He feels more closer to her in his attempt to forget her and in the end he said that he was an angel who would carry on with the relationship even though she didn't want it to continue. Here I have translated it for better understanding. मैं जिसे ओढ़ता-बिछाता हूँ, वो ग़ज़ल आपको सुनाता हूँ।  Mein Jise Odhta

Haiku : Love Survives

Haiku : Love Survives This Haiku is a tribute to the victims of Orlando Shooting in USA.  pierced the loving souls, crazy bullets of hatred, love ever survives

Ramzaan Mubarak

रमज़ान मुबारक।  We are lucky to witness one more month of Ramzaan in our life. The month when Allah shower his blessings with open hands. A moment to repent all our sins and to pray for a better life ahead. Happy Ramzaan to all.  रहमतें, बरकतें और अपनी मोहब्बत का करम फरमाना, रमज़ान के महीने में गुनाहों से हमें बचाना, ऐ अल्लाह हमें मांगना भी  नहीं आता, तू बिन मांगे ही सब देता है, रोज़े रखना भी आसान बनना।   Rahmatein,Barkatein Aur Apni Mohabbat Ka Karam Farmana, Ramzaan Ke Mahine Mein Gunahon Se Hamein Bachana, Ae Allah Hamein Mangna Bhi Nahin Aata, Tu Bin Maange Hi Sab Deta Hai, Roze Rakhna Bhi Aasan Banana. ###### Shower Your blessings in this benevolence month of Ramzaan, Wash all our sins in this merciful month of Ramzaan, You know all and we don't know how to pray, Bless us so that easily in fasting (Roza) we can stay.

Cry For Me O Africa

Cry For Me O Africa Racism is bad and it's even worst if it is practiced in India which has the first hand experience of sufferings of such abuse. There are incidents of racial attacks in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Delhi . Recently  Masunda Kitada Oliver , an African post-graduate student of Congolese origin was beaten to death in Delhi last Friday night.  Samuel Panyin Yalley, High Commissioner of Ghana to India penned a poem for him on Africa Day. I read it today in The Indian Express but got only first and last verse to share here. It has that pain which one feels for getting distinguished for his color, I have also wrote few lines inspired by it.  first verse :  “Hear My Cry Oh! Africa Deep in an unknown chilled cage I lie Frozen with ice of pain and stained by My hot African blood suddenly gone cold Someone must tell me…what did I do wrong?” last verse:  "Never let the blood I shed be in vain.  Never let my name and pain be forgotten