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A Never Ending Summer

A Never Ending Summer Some togetherness never let you feel alone, never let you go down, never let you experience pain. Such relations also make each season pleasant and then you even want a never ending summer because that doesn't bother you. This bilingual poem is expression of this feeling. A Never Ending Summer जो तेरे साथ हो शुरू, A Never Ending Summer जिसकी हर बात में हो तू।   चमके सूरज As Bright As Your Face, बाँहों में हों हम Without Pain's Any Trace, जो टपके पसीना वो मोती का ले ले भेस, Such Is The Power of Your Smile's Grace.  तपती ज़मीं पर When I Walk With You, ऐसा लगे है जैसे Green Grass With Dew, घटाएं छा जाएँ जब ज़ुल्फ़ें खोले तू , Every Season Is Pleasant When I was Near You. हर प्यास बुझ गई When Drown In Your Eyes, शीतल हुआ हूँ यूँ As If Turned Into Ice, हाथों में हाथ दे इकरार करले तू, Desert Will Also Then Look Nice. A Never Ending Summer जो तेरे साथ हो शुरू, A Never Ending Summer जिसकी हर बात में हो तू।

Ishq Ne 'Ghalib' Nikamma Kar Diya !

इश्क़ ने  'ग़ालिब' निकम्मा कर दिया। Ishq Ne 'Ghalib' Nikamma Kar Diya. - Mirza Ghalib  This is among the rare Ghalib ghazal based on Sufism or love to God. The last sher (couplet) is a well known one and recited by time and again by many of us but only few of us are aware of this ghazal to which this sher belongs. I also encountered this ghazal only few days back and then decided to post it with translation, I hope you will like my translation and it would help to understand you this ghazal better in which he has compared beloved to God. For better understanding of this gahazal read :  Kyun Ishq Ne Nikamma Kar Diya ग़ैर लें मेहफ़िल में बोस-ए-जाम के, हम रहें यूँ तिश्ना-लब पैग़ाम के।   Ghair lein mehfil mein bose-e-jaam ke, Hum rahein yun tishna-lab paigham ke, Others are kissing the wine in the gathering, My lips are thirsty for the message in offering. ख़स्तगी का तुमसे क्या शिक़वा किये, हत्कंडे हैं चरखा-ए-नील-ए-फाम के।  Khastagi ka tumse kya

Lost In Her Eyes

Lost In Her Eyes Her deep eyes made me giddy , Lewd thoughts went away, Needlessly I tried to go away, But she showed no pity. Ditched me with a mere glance, I was lost in a trance, With silence I missed the only chance, A rendezvous ended without any romance. This post is linked to Poetry Jam ( eyes ) and Three Word Wednesday #418  (  giddy,lewd,needless )

Letter of A Girl

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 52 ; the fifty-second edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. In association with Metro Diaries by " Namrata ". To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton . Letter of A Girl  This is a letter by a girl going to be born in India. This India's daughter is asking for some explanations from God before her birth. Will she get her answer? Dear God, Your messenger came and told me to go there, to India the country known for its heritage and culture rare. But before coming to life on earth,  before appearing in my human birth, I want to ask some necessary questions, and hope for your thorough explanation.  The person you have selected to be my father, is hoping for a son or is ready for a daughter? lest he would try to kill me before birth, and cancelled my only chance to see your earth. I also need your assurance on wound

Holi Ke Bahane Aaja !

होली के बहाने आज। (Holi Ke Bahane Aaja !) Holi is the Indian festival of colors which marks the victory of good over evil , the victory of Prahlada over his aunt Holika   . This festival is also a festival of love and to unite forgetting all our differences. The association of this festival with Lord Krishna give it a touch of mischief and naughtiness. His Raslila with Radha and other  gopis  are also linked to it. Here I am presenting a Hindi song depicting this flirting ( sorry for the absence of music ) but Bura Na Mano Holi Hai . Happy Holi to all.  प्रेमी (Premi) : प्रीत निभाने आजा, होली के बहाने आजा, फीका पड़ा है जीवन,रंगों से सजाने आजा।  Preet nibhane aaja, holi ke bahane aaja, Feeka pada hai jeevan, rango se sajane aaja . लाल गुलाल से क्यों गाल तेरे लाल हैं? होली है कारण या मेरी तारीफ़ का कमाल है ? भीगी-भीगी गलियों से छुपते-छुपाते आजा, प्रीत निभाने आजा,होली के बहाने आजा।  Laal gulal se kyun gaal tere laal hain? Holi hai karan ya meri tareef k