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सूनापन! (Sunapan) - Lonliness - Mahadevi Verma 27th April is Birth Anniversary of Mahadevi Verma. She perfectly portrays the emotions of love, longing,betrayal, void , etc in her Hindi poems. I who usually translate male poet works today on her birth anniversary decided to translate one of her poem. I have translated her ' Jo Tum Aa Jate Ek Baar ' which I have read during my school days. I hope this 'Kavita ' and its translation will be liked by all of you.  मिल जाता काले अंजन में सन्ध्या की आँखों का राग, जब तारे फैला फैलाकर सूने में गिनता आकाश।  Mil Jata Kale Anjan Mein, Sandhya Ki Aankho Ka Rag, Jab Tare Faila Failakar, Sune Mein Ginta Aakash. Mixed in the black kohl evening's eyes melody, when spreading stars sky counts when lonely. उसकी खोई सी चाहों में घुट कर मूक हुई आहों में! Uski Khoi Si Chaho Mein, Ghut Kar Mook Hui Aaho Mein! In his lost desires high, In silently choked sigh! झूम झूम कर मतवा

Sharma Ka Yun Na Dekh Ada Ke Maqam Se

शर्मा के यूँ न देख अदा के मक़ाम से। (Sharma Ka Yun Na Dekh Ada Ke Maqam Se) - Don't Feel Shy Looking From the Position of Coquetry - Sahir Ludhianvi शर्मा के यूँ न देख अदा के मक़ाम से, अब बात बढ़ चुकी है हया के मक़ाम से।  Sharma Ke Yun Na Dekh Ada Ke Maqam Se, Ab Baat Badh Chuki Hai Haya Ke Maqam Se. Don't feel shy looking from the position of coquetry, Now matter has come out from the position of modesty. तस्वीर खींच ली है तिरे शोख़ हुस्न की, मेरी नज़र ने आज ख़ता के मक़ाम से।  Tasveer Kheench Li Hai Tire Shokh Husn Ki, Meri Nazar Ne Aaj Khata Ke Maqam Se. Captured the image of your mischievous elegance,  today with my eyes from the position of faultiness.  दुनिया को भूल कर मिरी बाँहों में झूल जा, आवाज़ दे रहा हूँ वफ़ा के मक़ाम से।   Duniya Ko Bhool Kar Miri Bahun Mein Jhool Ja, Aawaaz De Raha Hun Wafa Ke Maqam Se. Forget the world swinging in my arm, calling you from the position of faithful charm. दिल के मुआ&

Hum Chup Rahenge!

हम चुप रहेंगे ! (Hum Chup Rahenge!) We Will Remain Silent! This is the high time we must speak. If not walk on roads, or in candle light marches, we at least should vent out our anger so that people who are ruling as must know that we can't tolerate it any more. Recently so many rape incidents has stirred the nation be it rape and murder of 8 year old in Kathua, Unnao rape where victims father was killed, Assam rape, Surat gang rape again with a minor, Siwan (Bihar ) rape of a deaf and dumb girl and there may be more which are not reported with the fear that nothing will achieved by reporting the incident. I have penned this Hindi poem which summed up our society's attitude to rape and rape incidents. लूट रहीं हैं आबरू तो लूटें, हम चुप रहेंगे! पिंघल रही है मासूम बच्चियां तो पिंघलें, हम चुप रहेंगे! Lut Rahi Hain Aabru To Lute, Hum Chup Rahenge! Pinghal Rahin Hain Massom Bachchiyan To Pinghlein, Hum Chup Rahenge! हम देखेंगे पहले की उसका धर्म क्य