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Bubbles Bound to the ground, no space to move around. How free are these bubbles ,  relieved from every troubles.  Not thinking about small life, leaving behind all signs of strife. Shining in the glory of sun rays, living in every moment not wasting days. Cat reflecting my feelings in her stare, cursing tedious life and admiring bubbles ' glare.  This post is linked to Five Sentence Fiction ( Bubbles ), and Three Word Wednesday #438 (waste, reflect, tedious)


Ashamed Unable to face your anger, I lowered my gaze  For behaving like a stranger, When you were in distress. I realized my mistake, when time repeated itself, Like me - a friend fake, when killed morality of self. This eight-liner is linked to Magpie Tales : Mag 280

Shayari - 10 - Jigar Muradabadi

Shayari - 10 (Couplets of Jigar Muradabadi ) Jigar Muradabadi is a famous Indian Urdu poet. ( Ghazal and Shayari ). His writing is simple and effective. Here I have translated his two popular shers (couplets). आ कि तुझ बिन इस तरह ऐ दोस्त घबराता हूँ मैं, जैसे हर शय में किसी शय की कमी पाता हूँ मैं।  Aa Ki Tujh Bin Is Tarah Ae Dost Ghabrata Hun Mein, Jaise Har Shay Mein Kisi Shay Ki Kami Pata Hun Mein. Come my friend as I am afraid without your coming, In a way that I found everything lacking in everything.  ####### तेरी ख़ुशी से अगर ग़म में भी ख़ुशी न हुई,  वो ज़िन्दगी तो मोहब्बत की ज़िन्दगी न हुई।  Teri Khushi Se Agar Gham Mein Bhi Khushi Na Hui, Wo Zindagi To Mohabbat Ki Zindagi Na Hui. If I am not glad in sadness for your happiness, That life is not the life of love, its worthless. #######                    


Eid-al-Fitr Eid-al-Fitr is a festival to celebrate the feast of breaking the fast after the month of Ramzaan. But the festivities of Eid is not complete if they are not shared with least fortunate , Muslims did this in form of Zakaat and Fitra . This poem is summarization of this festival.  Happy Eid , Eid Mubarak. Crescent moon appeared, to mark the victory of those who fasted. With alms happiness shared, Your endurance He has properly tested. In Ramzaan all your sins cleared,  Like a new born child your soul has acted,  Feast of happiness - Eid arrived, Embrace those whom destiny has rejected.

Tujhe Mein Yaar Kaise Paun!

तुझे मैं यार कैसे पाऊँ ! (Tujhe Mein Yaar Kaise Paun!) Hesitation in admitting your love to someone is as common as loving someone. But a better way to express that feeling as taught by our Bollywood films is a song. Here I am presenting a one such song in a form of Ghazal .  Add caption तुझे मैं यार कैसे पाऊँ, बता एक बार कैसे पाऊँ, मैं बस ये सोचता ही जाऊँ, तुझे मैं यार कैसे पाऊँ।  Tujhe Mein Yaar Kaise Paun, Bata Ek Baar Kaise Paun, Mein Bas Ye Sochta Hi Jaun, Tujhe Mein Yaar Kaise Paun. इस दिल का करार तू है, मेरा पहला प्यार तू है, तुझे ये कैसे मैं बताऊँ, मैं बस ये सोचता ही जाऊँ, तुझे मैं यार कैसे पाऊँ।  Is Dil Ka Karaar Tu Hai, Mera Pehla Pyaar Tu Hai, Tujhe Ye Kaise Mein Bataun, Mein Bas Ye Sochta Hi Jaun, Tujhe Mein Yaar Kaise Paun. तेरी आरज़ू है मुझको, मेरी ज़िन्दगी से ज़्यादा, तेरे ही संग रहना मुझको, है मेरा यही इरादा।  पर जब सामने तू आए, मैं कुछ भी तो कह न पाऊँ।  तुझे मैं यार कैसे पाऊँ।  Teri Aarzu Hai Mujhko, Meri Zindagi Se Zyada, Ter

Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua Banke Tamanna Meri.

लैब पे आती है दुआ बनके तमन्ना मेरी।(Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua Banke Tamanna Meri) -  To my lips become invocation comes this longing of mine. - Allama Mohammad Iqbal This prayer is known as Bachche Ki Dua ( Child's Prayer) is written by Mohammad Iqbal . Although both the original prayer and the translation have no contribution from my side even though I have shared it because this prayer is sung in most of the Madarasas and some other schools in India. Many madarsas have modernized and teaches computers and other subjects in it. Maharashtra government's recent order to de-recognize them and consider those children is illiterate would only complicate the already delicate trust thread in the minorities. There is the need to modernize these madarsas and not to label them as terror factories.  लैब पे आती है दुआ बान के तमन्ना मेरी, जिंदगी शम्मा की सूरत हो ख़ुदाया मेरी।   Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua Ban Ke Tamanna Meri, Zindagi Shamma Ki Surat Ho Khudaya Meri. To my li

Haiku - Doctors

Haiku - Doctors A set of Haiku on this Doctors Day presenting two contrasting images of doctors. Holding life and death, god's alternative on earth, doctor is savior. misleading patients, making money from distress, Satan's kin doctor.