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Hamra Gandhi Ke Goli Maral Ho

हमरा गाँधी के गोली मारल हो ! (Hamra Gandhi Ke Goli Maral Ho - You Have Shot My Gandhi) - Rasool Miyan 

Rasool Miyan an unknown Bhojpuri Folk Writer and Singer who was an ardent Gandhi follower and among the best example of India. He use to write about Ram, Krishna, Ganga with equal love as for other subjects. 'Ram Ka Sehra' one of his finest creation of Rasool Miyan is a sketch to beauty of Lord Ram. There are no written records about his writings. He used to maintain a diary which someone borrowed from his sons to never return. His sons, students, followers and other contemporary artist kept him alive by recalling his works. Subhash Chandra Kushwaha started collecting his work and folk singer Chandan Kumari has composed these songs to wider their reach. 

This particular song I heard on Prime Time with Ravish Kumar on NDTV.  Actually this was the first time I heard about Rasool Miyan and than I researched on him. Sharing this today has also become important because the hate and ideology which never spared Gandhiji and took away his life has again become stronger. A youth inspired by this hate ideology has shot a Jamia student on 30th January 2020 the same day on which Mahatma Gandhi was killed. We the people of India who are against it must strongly oppose them. This song has hold my hand to bring me back to blog writing after almost a year. 

के हमरा गांधीजी के गोली मारल हो, धमाधम तीन गो
कल्हीये आजादी मिलल, आज चललऽ गोली,
गांधी बाबा मारल गइले देहली के गली हो, धमाधम तीन गो...
पूजा में जात रहले बिरला भवन में,
दुशमनवा बैइठल रहल पाप लिये मन में,
गोलिया चला के बनल बली हो, धमाधम तीन गो...
कहत रसूल, सूल सबका दे के,
कहां गइले मोर अनार के कली हो, धमाधम तीन गो...
के हमरा गांधीजी के गोली मारल हो, धमाधम तीन गो...

Ke Hamra Gandhiji Ke Goli Maral Ho, Dhamadham Teen Go,
Kalhiye Azadi Milal, Aaj Chalal Goli,
Gandhi Baba Maral Gayele Dehli Ke Gali Ho, Dhamadham Teen Go...
Pooja Mein Jaat Rahle Birla Bhawan Mein, 
Dushmanwa Beithal Rahal Paap Liye Mann Mein,
Goliyan Chala Ke Banal Bali Ho, Dhamadham Teen Go...
Kahat Rasool, Sool Sabka De Ke,
Kahan Gayele Mor Anaar Ke Kali Ho, Dhamadham Teen Go...
Ke Hamra Gandhiji Ke Goli Maral Ho, Dhamadham Teen Go...

You have killed my Gandhi with three bullets, shot thrice,
Yesterday we got freedom, today Gandhi shot with bullets,
Father Gandhi died in a Delhi street, shot thrice...
In Birla House going for worship, 
enemy sitting,in mind,sin he keep,
Bullet fire turned into sacrifice, shot thrice... 
Rasool says that giving grief, 
where apple of my eye gone, shot thrice...
You have killed my Gandhi with three bullets, shot thrice...

I am also sharing the video of the song not the one featuring Chandan Kumari singing it but the one from Prime Time. NDTV as it looked more prominent to me. 


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